View Full Version : Sweden, new track in "Ronneby"

2005.02.24, 04:38 PM
Hi all!

Some friends and I have spent some time building a new mini-z racetrack here in Ronneby / Sweden

The surface are a black "rubber" like material with very high grip and itīs very popular here around the swedish tracks.

Hope you like it

2005.02.24, 04:44 PM
really nice...I love the layout. You know a layout is good when you're picking lines jsut lookign at it.

say, what do you use for transponder systems over there?

2005.02.24, 04:51 PM
is that the rubber based roofing material that no one seems to be able to source over here?

2005.02.24, 05:45 PM
Looks nice. I like the Ferrari banners too--I don't have those particular Ferrari banners.

Pro-Z Racing
2005.02.25, 02:38 AM
Awesome Track

2005.02.25, 06:59 AM
Thanks guys!

Well we have spent some hours making decals and curbs, will be fun now to drive instead of building :)

*Arch2b: Well maybe it is the one you thinking about, quite common here in sweden. The track surface are some kind of indoor special rubber carpet and i actuallt dont know what it calls or where it is used otherwise. I just know a man here who sells this and many tracks use it.

The first time you try it you will not believe how fast everything happens. It feels as double the speed in comparison to regular carpet because the car runs so smooth. There is amazing grip and we use foam-tires for the best performance on this surface. Some people think it has to much grip and prefers the painted particelboard tracks or ordinary carpet but the grip tends to vary quite much on those surfaces. On the otherhand they are more realistic perhaps.

But this is a very fast surface and the grip are almost always the same. You can make a "stock" mini-z go quite fast with a smaller amount of options.

*ruknd@: Well we use a system called "Lap-Z" and it is a system specially designed for mini-z. Its quite cheap actually and all racers who wants to compete buys a personal transponder and mount in their cars.

You can se the transponder up front on my car in the atachment

Pro-Z Racing
2005.02.26, 03:35 PM
PN Racing is having a world wide racing series. Looks like theres open slots for Sweden.

Your Facility looks like a great place for a big race.

2005.03.05, 03:31 PM
DAMN !!! You europeans know how to make a track, the right way. I wish we had something like that in our area. If we did, we would draw up to about 80 mini-z racers every race day :)

2005.03.30, 08:20 AM

Do you have a picture of the whole track? it seems a really nice layout.... any videos?

2005.04.05, 06:08 PM
I guess i just need to plan a mini-z trip to sweden some time. Do you guys have umbrella girls there too?