View Full Version : Glitch in the forum: attention Mini-Z

2002.02.28, 07:12 PM
Attention Mr. Mini-Z:

There still is a minor glitch in the forum.
I don't know enoug about VB-bulletin to tell what is going wrong but it seems to go wrong on the 'View New Posts' page when you're logged in.

Somehow there is added (deleted) to ever link on that page to every link, it looks a bit like a SQL-query but why it should be highlighted? (highlight is used to color the word(s) you were looking for in a search, right?)

2002.02.28, 07:13 PM
somehow it's seems to be gone...
it appears 2 B a bit at random...
I included a piece of the link in the post above and nothing is showing red...

2002.02.28, 09:34 PM
zanthrax, thanks, it should be fixed now, let me know if you notice any other problems - thanks! :D

2002.03.03, 04:35 PM
You did get the problems I emailed you about Mini-Z? you musta cuz they apear to be fixed ;) ... also curious if the email ever went through...

SPEAKING OF EMAILS?!!? when is the reply comming? ;) hehe.

2002.03.04, 07:05 PM
Drac, I replied to all of your messages, I thought your email was working now?!

2002.03.04, 08:33 PM
Great I supose you didnt get the reply to the replies.... sent last night.