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2002.02.28, 07:45 PM
My pal has received his Mini-X chassis but he doesn't like it. Aside from other flaws noted in this forum previously, he doesn't like all the mechanical stuff up front because he's trying to make a Le Mans endurance type race car, and if you've seen the front of one of those you get the idea.
So - he asked me to ask you guys what y'all think of the following R/C products:

The ABC Hobby DTM
The ABC Hobby DTM SP
The Kawada M-24 Trip Mate

Or if you guys have other recommendations for building a 1/24 scale R/C Le Mans car, we'd like to hear them, too!

2002.03.01, 01:34 AM
I recommend the DTM SP HIGHLY!!!It is a must buy.It is just like a 1/10th skill pan car.You will not be dissappointed.The chassis is great,the diff is nice and smooth,overall quality and availabilty for hop up parts are excellent

2002.03.01, 10:11 AM
Agreed with HKS117. DTM SP OR X$, and you cant go wrong