View Full Version : Round 5 Sat 5th 10 till 4

2005.03.03, 09:13 AM
We are nearing the end of our first series.Round 5 of 6. We have had some great turn outs with as many as 20 racers and 40 cars. Minizracer.com and RCP tracks and been a great help at helping us launch this.Thanks to all. We have 4 classes that are close with F1 being the closest.4 point spread between the top 4 drivers.FUN STUFF Go to www.teamhoustonrc.com and click on points or standings to see it all listed. Most fun I,ve had R/Cn in awhile

Q ball
2005.03.03, 10:26 AM
I second what the madman said! Great group of guys and great fun!

Sadly, I will miss the race this Saturday. Family duty calls!

Ya'll have fun!

2005.03.08, 06:11 PM
Trey, you will have a Gulf teammate next round! :D

2005.03.08, 08:15 PM
Glad to hear ya got one!I might be runnin a vette next time in SS.I,m going to see how it works this weekend.It looks good at least?

2005.03.08, 09:05 PM
Thinking about getting Nang to spray me some white bodies.

2005.03.09, 07:17 AM
i think I asked you this allready but is he at Rus-Sm or Jac-Roa

2005.03.09, 08:10 AM
He's at Rus-Sm.

2005.03.10, 09:15 AM
hey joe, get me a mod by next weekend.

2005.03.10, 09:23 AM
Got ya covered.

2005.03.10, 09:52 AM
the s03, or whatever is fast, dont get me nothin thats slow. you da man!!!!!!

2005.03.27, 03:59 AM
Racing Texas style. :D