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2005.03.05, 03:49 AM
I'm not quite sure where to post this but here goes.

I was wondering if anyone knew what Kyosho's strategy on the way they chose the scale sizes for their cars. They seem to always pick a non-standard scale. The mini Z's are 1/28th when 1/24th and 1/32nd have been in existence forever. Their new mini off-road is 1/16th one half scale of their 1/8th Nitro off-road.

My only thought is they want to make it difficult for anyone to make a direct comparison with other manufacturer’s cars.

2005.03.05, 07:14 AM
Good questions.
Kyosho Mini-Z may be 1/28th but they are great.
The 1/24th scale stuff - Tamtech, ABC DTM and MIni-X have not really enjoyed the resounding success of the Mini-Z range.
They are quicker as the Tamtech and ABC 1/24th come with 180 motors, but this makes them a little too fast for indoor use.
The 1/28th scale Z's are ideal for indoor use, the 130 motor really is a sweet spot for housebound carpet bashing and more - like RCP tracks and indoor racing in confined areas.

As for the Mini-777, 1/16th is an acceptable scale where most manufacturers have followed HPI's 1/18th format. This includes many big names, Losi, Associated, Trinity, Thunder Tiger and Team XRay.

I think scale is irrelevant in comparison to functionality, cosmetic appeal and use of the specific make/model.

2005.03.05, 09:17 AM
its a marketing thing...

some ppl once hooked on a product will only stick to the given scale.. if they are the only one making that scale of product... or close to the only one... then ppl have to buy their stuff... this however dont work so great with rc cars if u ask me... it is however used a LOT in train scales... were very few companies make On30 scale... wich technicaly is O scale, but it uses HO track lol.. (narrow gage logging trains).

Any way I think they just did, 1:28 instead of 1:25 so they could be the smallest... wich is technicaly smaller than any one who would release a 1:24 car etc...

Are Zs the "Twix Scale"? (twenty X) lol

mind wondering waking up.. not good time to post lol.

2005.03.05, 10:35 AM
I think they did 1/28 so they would have an exclusive on bodies. How else can you explain an essintially one piece body shell costing more than $30 when you can buy a 1/25 model kit, (some with pre-finished paint no less!) for less than $10 in some cases? As far as the 1/24 never taking off I think that was due to marketing failure on the part of the companies. Kyosho dove into Mini's head first and commited a great deal to it right out of the gate so they marketed it big time. The other manufactures have either been too small or not committed enough to make a similar splash in the market. Hopefully Iwaver will get it's act together and produce similar quality for less $$$ so Kyosho will finally have a competitor. Kyosho does seem to be feeling some pressure though, as it seems the price of some Readysets are coming down, but that could be for other reasons.

The Mini Inferno buggy is 1/16 for marketing reasons as well, not really to exclude other manufactures but so they could call it "Half8" to identify the product with their very successful 1/8 scale buggies. It will be interesting to see if they do similar small scale vehicles of their other 1/8 and 1/10 cars and trucks. A Half8 USA-1 would be cool!