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2005.03.06, 08:53 PM
What the heck? I just read the entry by black no 3 about people whning about "oh no his motor is faster than mine..."


R/C racing is a GAME that is spost to be FUN. I won the first stock race at CP mini RC raceway, and i never won another race... boo frickety hoo!

If you have to ask Black no 3 to tear the other guy's motor apart to make sure he wasnt "cheating" then you need to re - evaluate your sportsmanship.

Its a game... not a life or death, yeah its racing, but for goodness sake, have some class?

2005.03.06, 09:34 PM
old topic we resolved the dispute months ago. It was mo big deal.

2005.03.06, 09:39 PM

2005.03.19, 10:40 AM
Motors can be tweaked in lots of ways, you just need to learn them! Knowing the rules in and out is the key to getting around them, without ACTUALLY cheating.

Kyosho stock motors are all different, I have one that will trun almost 30k! It came with my 01. But it's legal. I haven't opened it, or added any sneaky fets. As they are dissallowed in our stock class. I suppose you could turn the comm with a tiny set of hemostats. But, that wouldn't be cheating, because the can is intact!

Wheel'em attitude.

I personally enjoy close racing, especially when it's clean. I'll just throw this out now, if you wheel me, I'll wheelya right back. That's racing. And when your in first place it pays to be clean with the backmarkers.

Accidents happen in racing, but when one racer veers across the whole track just to send someone into the barrier, that's totally uncool (unless the reciever has it coming).

Smoke lip racers.

Also locally we have some racers who just love to run thier mouths about how good they are. "I'm on a Sunday drive!" This is also VERY uncool. Your skills should stand alone, without any lip. Smoke lip racers tend to ruin the fun of racing. And also tend to earn large paint smears.

Our most consistent racer is very quiet about how skilled he is, and therefore he earns my total respect, and I let him through when he's lappin me. This guy is the most consistent driver I have ever seen, and I've seen some legends of R/C race before (Rick Howart, Buddy Bartos..and so on). Too bad he has to run in my class!

Here's to you Brian!

2005.08.10, 04:07 PM
So true for sure

2005.08.11, 12:42 AM
Kyosho stock motors are all different, I have one that will trun almost 30k!

yep i can attest to that... got a (mutant) kysho stock motor that's weirdly fast... when guys ask what motor i run, i say stock... and they say 'stock my a$$'.... i just take off my body and show them my chassis... and they scratch their heads in disbelief...

i couldn't believe it myself... never opened it, and never experienced any stock motor that goes as fast... go figure... :confused: :D

2005.08.11, 01:11 AM
Silly lip racers. They get what's comin' to them here pretty quickly.

Especially if they're running their mouths to me. That's usually the n00bs, because the vets respect my style of racing and the fact I'd be wheeling with them if I had the money.

Fact is, the more the guy talks, the less he'll be liked, which translates into some ulgy moments. A good example is a guy who used to race...ah hell, let's just say BASH, at our track whose name was Bobby. Now, he'd bashed everyone, but the owner didn't want to kick him out since he put a lot of money into the shop.

About a month ago, he showed up, back from his hiatus. Hadn't changed. in the first qualifier, a friend of mine named Eugene(who's about 25, and he respects me. You see, not all of we teens bash.) was literally shunted off the RCP track. When he was marshalled and put back on, he waited for Bobby, who was leading at the time, to come back around. When he did, he PIT'd him, sending him on his roof...and before the marshall noticed, I followed up and shunted his car clear across the track. Needless to say, he went home 10 minutes later.

You see, karma can be your ally. Drive clean and you'll earn the same from any respectable driver. We're here for fun racing, not a demolition derby. ;)