View Full Version : Stock Bord and HS55

2005.03.08, 10:02 AM
Does any one know if i can use A Hitec HS55 servo with the stock bord. I know the steering senser is the same and the motor is smaller. It should work. I am only looking for someone who has tryed this like the Sweeds with their custom chassies. Thanks

2005.03.08, 10:08 AM
ikinari modified a servo for use with a mini-z pcb on his website under the 1:32 crt section. from what i gather all you do is remove the servo pcb and solder the mini-z pcb wires to the correct points in the servo. don't quot me on that though as i have not done that mod yet.

2005.03.08, 10:32 AM
Correct. Wiring the pot is the hardest part because there are a couple of combinations.

Pro-Z Racing
2005.03.08, 03:03 PM
remove the circut board from the HS-55 and wire the 4 wires from the stock board directly to the servo motor and pot.

My friend Vincent made a little webpage for doing it

You'll have to translate the french.