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Q ball
2005.03.08, 10:48 AM
I'm not able to get approved to post on the THRC forum, so I'll have to post my question here: For the F-1 class, do you have to run a stock body? or can I adapt an IRL/CART body to fit the stock chassis and run that? I've been thinking about joining the class, but the F1 cars do nothing for me.

2005.03.08, 12:44 PM
what is the THRC forum?

Q ball
2005.03.08, 12:57 PM
The THRC forum is a local forum, like this, but just pertains to the local area and racing at one track in Houston Texas.

2005.03.08, 12:59 PM
solartech - THRC is Team Houston R/C. It's the local club that we race at. The website is www.teamhoustonrc.com and there is a button for the forum. We are currently 30+ racers strong on racedays and growing every week. This is quite possibly the largest and most active Mini-Z racing league in the country. I wish I had that picture of the full grid to post.

Qball - Danny's lazy a$$ hasn't approved me yet either and I've been signed up for weeks, so don't hold your breath. Then again he probably just doesn't like me. :D Anyways, I don't think it would really be against the rules, but against good taste. I would have to make fun of you all day long if you ran an IRL body. Why not check out the new MP4-19 or F2003GA or F2004? Those are pretty hot IMO. Or you could be like Trey and go nuts creating a Sauber. I personally want to make a Red Bull car.

2005.03.08, 01:22 PM
Or a Renault or Sauber!! F1 does,nt do anything for you but IRL does?? What is this bizzaro world or national backas*wards day or something. :eek:

I,ve got a call into Dan to see why you guys can,t get on.I,m sure he just dose,nt relize.There is a new rule where you have to give your real name or something like that.Maybe go back and make sure you,ve got all the info entered.We want ya,ll on the site I assure you.The more activity the better.You would both be good additions. :)

2005.03.08, 02:07 PM
Hehehe.... we love all you guys...

I just approved Quintelracing even though the membership application still has the name information marked as "private" In order to gain access to our forum we have to know who you are. Any application with no profile information visible gets automatically rejected. The 'private" box will need to be unchecked in order for Scott to stay in.

Joe, I approved your application a long time ago but I cant remember what your user ID was.... if you want just re submit and make sure the boxes are not checked "private" under your name, I will plug you right in.

The reason for this security is that most people who are willing to show their identity never cause problems in the forum. With young kids and the family environment that we want to promote, these are safegaurds against some of the idiots that like to start trouble on forums.

Q ball
2005.03.08, 02:11 PM
Sorry guys, never liked F1, but indy car racing, its better. Closer to the real racing of NASCAR or sprint cars on dirt! (yes, I know I'll hear it on this one). Knowing that you are in pain reading it is good enough for me!

With the ability to play with an Indy car body, perhaps I'll venture to the F1 class. Need to work on my open class car first. And need to get my superstock car up to par before that.

Man, I got a lot of work to do!

P.S. Dan approved me today.

2005.03.08, 02:28 PM
You continue with posts like above we may have to reconsider your application.I gotta go get some asprin. :confused:

2005.03.08, 02:34 PM
Sorry guys, never liked F1, but indy car racing, its better. Closer to the real racing of NASCAR or sprint cars on dirt!<blink><blink>...<blink><blink> And I actually TALK to you? Man. I need to go take a shower. I feel dirty inside... :eek:

2005.03.08, 02:41 PM
Where did you get an IRL body for the F1 from? I have not seen one anywhere.

What I would really like for my F1's is the 78 Lotus body. Any clues if there are any of those around?

2005.03.08, 02:59 PM
Love me. I am just that cool.


2005.03.08, 03:03 PM
Thank you very much!! I have seen the decals all over the place just not the kit. Now I will have to get 2 of them, one to build and one to race.

2005.03.08, 03:03 PM
Search ebay models section theres a whole bunch of possibility.

Q ball
2005.03.08, 03:08 PM
See, you guys never knew I had a dark side! Heck I used to race sprint cars for 5 years. I've grown up oval racing! But when it comes to R/C cars the road course is more fun to drive.

Dan, I never saw a private box to check or uncheck. I will go look again though.

2005.03.08, 03:10 PM
I remember your mouth moving and words about oval track hot motor car show something or other once, but I tuned it all out after that first word... :D

Q ball
2005.03.08, 03:36 PM
Thanks Ruf, I just FEEL the love from ya'll oozing out!

Hey, you still got that old version 5 pocket knife?

2005.03.08, 04:13 PM
Never had one. Boz had a V6 that I worked on. Sold it a while ago. I think Danny has a V5.