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2005.03.10, 02:44 PM
Well, Last night was week 3 of our 8 week series a Tom Thumb Hobbies. Night went very well and we had a good attendance that only gets better as time goes on. We had some new guys Ron and his son. Both did great as it was their first time. Hope to see every one there last night agan in 2 weeks.

And a shameless pitch for some overlands for a new class. We need some people to get some of thease to get a class. If you are in Columbus or like trips to Columbus on Wednesdays, Bring those little offroaders out.

2005.03.10, 05:33 PM
We had a blast last night. Especially my son. It was his first ever R/C race. He handled his car far better than I thought he would. We will definitely be back for the next race. :)

Tom Thumb Hobby
2005.06.06, 04:37 PM
On May 18th the Spring Mini-Z Series at Tom Thumb Hobbies came to an end. Even with reduced attendance due to the great weather racing was still exciting and the victories hard fought. The trophy presentation was delayed by 2 weeks (June 15th) because of the "Columbus 120" (see report in this forum section). Below is a link to the final point standings for this "best 6 of 8" series. You will see some familiar names as well as some new ones.

Congrats to ALL the racers....trophy winner or not. Our goal is for EVERYONE to have a good time. I think (hope) that we have done just that.

Our next series will begin on June 15th. Everyone is invited. :) :)

Spring Series 2005 Final Results (http://www.tomthumbhobbies.com/reports/spring series 2005.htm)

2005.06.06, 10:32 PM
I want to thank Mike for running such a great series as usual. It is great to have a race directer who runs such a great series at a great place. I have been to large Mini Z events that have not been run as good as this series. I want to thank all that came out for this series and invite them back. The more the merrier. I firmly believe that we have on of the best clubs in the nation. The most compition, most fun, and best people. If you want to run in one of the best clubs in the nation come and visit us, you will not be disoppointed. Special thanks the all that raced and the people that have and will continue to support me, Ripped Racing Products, Surge Worldwide, Integie, and all my family. These people keep me and others coming back to the track for more fun and racing.