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mini-z racing
2005.03.10, 05:26 PM
I tried to Pm someone and it says the adim has disabled this option, does anyone here have PM? if so how can i get mine to work, i looked in edit options but didnt see anything?.

2005.03.10, 07:39 PM
the pm feature has NEVER been enabled. i think it was a bw issue. anyway, there are options of listing mns and aim accounts to your profile but most seem to ignore their profile pages.

mini-z racing
2005.03.10, 09:13 PM
really, lol, Why is it there than?

2005.03.10, 10:03 PM
it's part of the forum software package?

mini-z racing
2005.03.10, 10:24 PM
It says welcome mini-z racing
you last visited:
private messages: 0 unread,Total 0

on the top right of the screen

2005.03.11, 05:34 AM
those are just site statistics... it will always read 0 and 0

mini-z racing
2005.03.11, 05:26 PM
ok i see, thanks