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2005.03.15, 05:55 PM
I really love the whole concept Cup Car Concept . I like the F1 conversion idea.

If we are talking about a larger unbanked oval (smooth concrete), how close can one get with the proper setup and aftermarket parts to the performance of of your modified F1s with an MR-02.

2005.03.15, 08:32 PM
The cup car conversion works well because of the f-1 long wheel base and wide stance. The mr-02 mm will not handle as well on a large oval as the cup car would.

2005.03.15, 08:46 PM
id prefer an MR02 on a really short tight oval ;) ...

mini-z racing
2005.03.15, 10:16 PM
i ran my MRO2 on the oval and it was ok, but one hit the body will crack.

2005.03.19, 10:16 AM
In thoery you guys are correct. However, the MR02mm has many setup parameters, offset (track), adjustable wheelbase, spring rates (front and rear). I believe the 02MM (with a proper setup) could give a cup converted F1 a run for the money. And then there is the weight advantage, which translates to faster lap times, period.

We have several guys locally who run cup cars, and on the road courses there is just no comparison. They don't come anywhere close to TQ pace.

The longer the wheelbase the more stable the car, especially at speed.

Too bad for us there are no long wheelbase Autoscale bodies. Our local rules preclude use of static model body conversions in anything but prototype class.

When we run our oval race, I will post comparative stats from the mod, stock, and Cup races. Then we'll know for sure.

MACS Tom THumb Hobbies is where we race here in CMH, and he's still waiting on the godlovin' fasteners for the oval track. All the RCP sections have arrived weeks ago.

2005.03.19, 10:25 AM
There was a video posted not too long back with mr-02's running on a super high speed oval. It was a euro track and very banked on the turns. It's doable but its the track that needs to be setup for the car this time.