View Full Version : 2005 Mini Z Work Shop, Kuramae Hobby Atomic Sponsored Mini-Z Championship.

2005.03.21, 05:23 AM
Sunday March 20th was the 2005 Mini-Z Toronto Championship. Held by Kuramae Hobby and Mini-Z Hobby Shop, and Sponsored by Atomic. 20 People had signed up to race in 3 classes: Stock, Modified, and F1. I took part in the Modified class and I was running a pretty much stock setup. Motor I was using was a Atomic stock. I was able to keep up with the FETed cars which was pretty good.

On the first race, everyone was still getting used to the track. It was a Ozite carpet track. But still everyone complained there was no traction cuz it was so dusty. I didn't do so bad on the first race. In fact, I did awesome. On the third lap, my front right tire flew off so it was major understeer turning right. I managed to finish with a 3rd place. Lucky...

Second race determined which main everyone would go in. I came in second so that put me in the B-mains. I was scared crapless when I found out I got in B-main cuz everyone there was an awesome driver running fast motors, and good setups. I couldn't stand a chance... Came in dead last during the finals.

Even though I came in last, it was a good event. Awesome day as it was my first time racing like this. Anyway, not to bore you with my track story, here are some pics: http://www2.mini-zracer.com/gallery/album597

2005.03.21, 11:30 AM
Poor car. :(

2005.03.21, 07:22 PM
Enjoyed the story and the pics.

2005.03.21, 08:38 PM
It was really a blast to be able to participate this great event, very well organized. My day went okay as I did two not so bad qualify and broke in the 3rd but was not on pace and ended up last in the A main, finished in 2nd in the final which I was pleased... :cool:

2005.03.21, 11:14 PM
Good going.