View Full Version : Chattanooga HobbyTown Races

2005.03.23, 02:49 PM
Hey guys do the races at hobbytown on thursdays still happen or no?

2005.03.23, 03:20 PM
No we had to move. The hobby store decided that glass hobby supplys would be more profitable than mini-z racing and took our room away from us. We searched for a new place to race and found the Rec center had space. If you want to come race with us let me know and I will email my cell # and give you directions.

2005.03.28, 12:26 PM
Well where ver the races are i'm set know i just sprung for the 2f2f evo II. It's gonna be my race machine :D. I need to run to HT to grab some brass poles for an exo cae for my OL. *FUN*FUN*

2005.03.28, 02:20 PM
Send me a email to fred.brown@att.net and I will reply with my cell#. It will be more easy for me to tell you on the phone than to try to wite out directions.

We are racing this Thursday.

Looking foward to racing with ya!

2005.03.28, 07:40 PM
Email Sent

2005.03.29, 06:53 AM
email sent.

2005.03.29, 06:57 AM
batteries charging :D MZM got some new epoxy as well :D

2005.04.20, 09:25 PM
hey guys, it's been a long time. How's racing been?
Are you still racing at the same place on Thursday? Anyone planing on racing this Thursday 4/21? I might be able to come up for some racing.

What time will the early birds get there? It's been a while and I would like to run as much as possible.

2005.04.20, 09:44 PM
I've got to do a little work to my Z's before i can run again.

2005.04.20, 10:02 PM
yes shaun, i will be there about 5, marty, bring them with you, i will help you get them running and set up for racing ;)