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2005.03.24, 10:22 AM
Endurance race coming up in Houston, TX on 5/21/05!

copied from the THRC site:
"The details have been ironed out and the race and rules are set. Look for flyers in local hobby shops as well as information posted here and on several other message forums. Trey and I (Scot Quintel) are co-hosting the race. He is providing the location, and I will be handling registration and rules questions. I can be reached for more information or to ask questions at squint@uwbmt.org or (409) 673-1769

The 2 hours of Houston will be held May 21st Exact time and address to follow (it will be at Trey's place).

The race will be 2 hours long. Teams will consist of 2 or 3 drivers. You pick your own teams and register as a team. No individual registrants.

Each team will enter one car, which must be run throughout the entire race. No substitutions will be allowed. The chassis entered will be marked and spot checked though-out the race.

Cars will meet the THRC super stock rules with an exception for bodies. To clarify, this means stock motor, stock chassis with suspension modifications allowed, any radio, 4 NIMH rechargable AAA cells. The body can be any closed wheel (not open wheel) plastic or lexan body.

The race is limited to the first 8 teams that sign up. Entry fee is $25 before the race, or $30 on race day. Trophies will be awarded to all team members of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams (based on 8 teams entered).

An official race flier will be available in the next couple days."

Qball - this is your baby, keep us posted! We can use this thread for info distribution and reports/pics after the race.

2005.03.24, 11:20 AM
Sounds fun. A wee bit too far away for me. We have run enduros before and I was wondering how you handle battery/tire changes, etc. Are team/crew members allowed?

2005.03.24, 11:55 AM
3 member teams. Two members do the driver swap, one does the pitstop. I've tried to work on these things in a rush before a heat and they are just too small to have more than one person working on them anyways... :P

2005.03.24, 01:38 PM

Here is the official thread.