View Full Version : Frickin frickin!

2005.03.24, 02:18 PM
My big truck is still broke. :mad: If a paper clip and a small aluminum rod can hold the rear drive train together, I don't know what will! :rolleyes: I did manage to get a new body and paint it all cool, so I reckon I'll bring that for show n tell.

I guess I'll have to shell out the $17 for new set of driveshafts. :rolleyes:

2005.03.24, 02:22 PM
arent the driveshafts under stres-tech warranty? i know the ones on my Mini Quake are, and you do know that we arent racing tonight dont you?

2005.03.24, 02:24 PM
Allan thought we were Racing too. I guess we will have to wait till next Thursday

2005.03.24, 02:27 PM
yeah, the rec center closes at 6 tonight, so its kinda pointless to show up, unless you wanted to go to the courts, it is supposed to be warm, but i cant come, no money or batts

2005.03.24, 02:28 PM
Why no racing? :( :( :(

2005.03.24, 02:29 PM
read 1 post up from yours, we must have been typing at the same time :D

2005.03.24, 02:31 PM
HEY!!! The courts!!! Let's do it!!!