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2002.03.03, 03:21 PM
i got nothing much to do rite now, so i decided to post some of my chassis pics. enjoy!!

2002.03.03, 03:22 PM
forgot the pics

2002.03.03, 03:23 PM
last one

2002.03.09, 06:05 AM
looks like gold *cough* anodized yellow *cough*

2002.03.28, 11:34 PM
its gold, now you just need a cadillac body....:D :D :cool:

2002.04.27, 12:13 AM
Hi Wedginator!!!
After juz 3 days when I bought my 360 modenas, look what I've done.....:D

2002.04.27, 12:16 AM
Another angle.

2002.04.27, 12:18 AM
Another one.....

btw, seems that my z steering gone a little bit haywire when I blasts a full throttle. Why is that?

2002.04.27, 12:19 AM
forgot the pics....:o

2002.04.27, 10:01 AM
hey, that kinda looks like mine.. LOL.... execpt i don't have the shocks cuz i lost mine... kind of a bummer.. heh....

seems that my z steering gone a little bit haywire when I blasts a full throttle. Why is that?

it's probably some interference due to the motor.... they tend to interfere with the radio signals sometimes.... i beleive if you add an extra capacitor (104 type i think) then your problem should be solved... :)

2002.05.01, 03:34 PM
This is my Turbo fitted chassis and it consists of:

Front Anti-Sway top bar
Alloy front bulkhead
RCRM Stainless kingpins
Kyosho soft front springs
TLP Twin-Turbo, with wiring fitted internally (Not to the terminals outside the chassis)
Graphite H-Plate
Kyosho rear friction shock
TopCAD alloy motor mount
NML Evader motor with Squat bearing motor can set
Kyosho ball-diff
Bearings all round
Eagle alloy wheels with wide rears
30 RCRM tyres
NLM antenna (The nice black one)

What I still want:

Alloy battery clips

Sheesh, doesn't it ever stop?

2002.05.01, 05:26 PM

Don't stop now you haven't broken the $300 mark yet!!

LOL, nice!!:D

2002.05.02, 07:24 AM

I wish... :)

Lookie here and pity my wallet:


It only hurts when I crash, honest... :p

2002.05.02, 05:15 PM
Oh, you could be into modding a T-Maxx to the tune of 3-5 K.

Just a thought.....

2002.05.03, 05:28 PM

I almost bought a T-Maxx..almost...
I still want one, and I know those 'blue parts' cost big time :p
Unfortunately, England is a nation of soft****s, so if I ran a T-Maxx in a resedential area, the wingers would have the cops a knocking on my door and I'd probably get done over the noise.

As for the E-Maxx, nope it doesn't quite cut it.. it has to be a T-Maxx ;)
Watch this space...

2002.07.18, 09:52 AM
I had an Losi NXT that ended up costing me like 2 grand. Its amazing how much "hobbies" can cost. But who am I to talk I have spent the equivalent of a years tuition at collage on my rex.