View Full Version : A-Final! Mini-z F1 VIDEO is ready for download!

2005.03.25, 12:47 PM
Hi Mini-z F1 fans,
a nice video is online to download.
( 6 Minutes A-Final with nice 'fights' and a really great track ).

1. Enter the board: http://www.mini-z-f1.de.vu

2. Register to get access to it
Please enter your location and select the right nationflag when you register !

3. Enter "Rennberichte - Race reports"

4. Enter Topic "Kyosho Mini-z Formel 1 Rennen in Berlin mit VIDEO !"

5. Post your thoughts about it !

Some nice pictures are available as well...


Dutch Mini Racer
2005.05.26, 01:26 PM
Maybe you can upload the movie @ one18th.com, than it's more easy for us to watch it.

2005.05.27, 11:32 AM
That sounds like a lot of work to see the vid ;)
My german is a little rusty now anyway so I wont bother with the forum, but why not do as Dutch said?