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2005.03.27, 04:27 AM
The advantage of having your own RCP track is the unlimited amount of time tuning and learning your mini-z's :D . Here are afew shots of the track, some cars we've tested, and pit areas. Enjoy.

2005.03.27, 04:29 AM
More pictures:

2005.03.27, 09:03 AM
very nioce track AND very nice cars

2005.03.27, 09:24 AM
nice track! your workstation is nice and clean.

2005.03.27, 04:11 PM
Thanks guys.

2005.03.27, 05:09 PM
Thats a nice setup there Roger!

2005.03.27, 07:06 PM
Excellent roger. I know what you mean. I have that type of set-up in my basement. Cant beat it. Have fun!

2005.03.27, 09:09 PM
You guys are way too organized for me. I just want to run the Zs though I haven't been running them lately. However, at least I spent some time speaking with Atsushi Hara at the Nitro Silver State Challenge today. I may upload a few race photos later, but I haven't even checked them out yet. Lots of big dogs at the race.

2005.03.27, 10:15 PM
Atsushi Hara is a kewl cat. When I raced for yokomo ( 4 years ago ) in 1/10th electric touring car, Hara's english wasn't that great. But if you asked him anything about suspension set-up, he'll talk your ears off :) I remember we all had Taco Bell after one of the reedy races at Ripon, Ca. for dinner, Hara and Masami would eat tacos as fast as they drove their cars :).

2005.03.28, 01:05 AM
And he drove fast today too. ;)

-- MONSTER TRUCK - A Main --
Pos Car Laps time name
1 1 49 30:16.04 Atsushi Hara
2 4 48 30:10.74 Matt Gosche
3 9 48 30:27.55 Bob Tillman

For all the results, visit:


I posted a couple of photos on that thread (Responses #2904 & #2955) and there were a lot of nice photos on that thread that someone else posted, but then the photographer got upset and she deleted all her photos.