View Full Version : Reflex test track! hehe!

2005.03.28, 12:23 AM
This is where we do a good portion of our late night test runs to try out new set-ups and parts. :cool:

2005.03.28, 02:17 AM
Hmmm... I guess the first attachment didn't work. Anyways, here it is again.

2005.03.28, 02:24 AM
nice track thanks a lot for the antenna and for fixing my pn speedy

2005.03.28, 02:35 AM
Np. I should have some motor hooch bottled up for the next race. Website should go live in about a week. Initially, we'll just have a few things like the antennas, motor drops, and a few tuning parts for sale. We should have the set-up sheets for MR02 and F1 up by then as well. We'll have Cristian's MR02 setup, and my F1 setup online. I hope to have the site fully stocked and running by the end of April.

mini-z racing
2005.03.28, 09:03 AM
Nice track and motorcycle. ;)

2005.03.28, 05:18 PM
nice setup! i've always loved the sound of the rc51's v-twin.

2005.03.28, 06:09 PM

Here it is on RCPTrackBuilder.

2005.04.27, 11:35 AM

Here's a quick vid of my Gulf Maclaren with Speedy BB on the track. Quite a handful. Only half throttle. Maybe 3/4 on exit of sweeper if I'm lucky.

2005.04.27, 09:07 PM
you did it again sweet track but you should think about getting a rcp

2005.04.27, 09:56 PM
Yah. Working on becoming an RCP dealer. As it is right now, this stuff works out ok. Will probably donate it to someone once I upgrade to RCP.

2005.04.27, 11:39 PM
hey give it to taz he would love it and he needs a good track like that.

2005.04.28, 10:39 AM
I'm not done with it yet. We'll see what I do with it. Who knows.