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2005.03.28, 01:28 PM
OK guys on my MZM i got the 2 cell li-om mod and a pn racing bb motor. I want to go grab a super torquey motor. Do you guy know where i could find someone to do the fet work in chattanooga. Thanks

2005.03.28, 02:16 PM
I dont know anyone in Chattanooga that can do the work. I have done it on several of my cars but I dont think I am good enough to do it on someone elses car. If I screw mine up (and I have) its no big deal. If I screw yours up then your out a car. I try to keep the upgrades to myself. Hope you understand.

2005.03.31, 10:02 PM
I think im just gonna spring for a pocket knife chassis and a woah nelly,and a nml motor in the future. An racing tonight was great. I just with i had all of my rubbers with me. I will have my evo set up real nice next time the watch out LOL. and do you know by chance what compund seems to grp best on the rcp. Thanks again ofr the e clip. I really needed that. And next week my MZM might steer better now that i got that all dialed in and i'm gonna throw on another set of tires. I should have waited and got my li-on fully charged then myabe i could have gotten a few torque wheelies. :p

2005.04.01, 07:07 AM
Glad you had fun. The best tire setup we have found for the RCP is 10's or 15's on the front and 8's on the rear. I think almost everyone down there runs that tire setup. I think we had about 9-10 cars last which is about what we usually run.

2005.04.01, 08:44 AM
OK Thanks.... And LOL i finally got the OL hacked up enough to run those big tires right.

2005.04.01, 09:00 AM
Marty, I didnt introduce myself, but i was the big red-haired guy in the back, i actually had stock front tires on my red F-50 for most of the night, i like your monster, it was a little loud though, you should look into getting a titanium main drive and a set of bearings, it will be much quieter and quite a bit faster

2005.04.01, 10:09 AM
Yeah i got the gpm aftermarket diff but i 've yet to install it. And i never got a full charge in the li-ons. I hope i'll have all my stuff together set up wise by next week. A matter a fact i think i'll switch diffs right now LOL