View Full Version : HPI mirco nitro RS4

mini-z racing
2005.03.29, 11:25 PM
Does any one have one or has anyone seen them run? i almost bought one but than thought these must be hard to control.

2005.03.30, 07:59 AM
i saw one on ebay not to long ago but decided against it because they are discontinued and hard to find parts for.

mini-z racing
2005.03.30, 09:28 PM
yeah they were only out for a little bit and did not sell good,they are collector items.

2005.03.30, 11:19 PM
LOL you must be thinking of the hpi nitro mini rs4. They are very torquey little cars stock with the .12 Which is the version i had. They were released a second time about summer last year only this timw with a .15 just a little input. Thanks

2005.03.31, 05:24 AM
I bought one when they re-released them.... i kept it in the box for a really long time but I ended up building it about 6 months ago.... they are cute... pretty fun... but the stock motor (.15) still leaves a lot to be desired especially with the single-speed .... but then again.. I just broke it in and didn't tune it any further

2005.03.31, 07:09 AM
how fast are they?

mini-z racing
2005.03.31, 09:25 AM
FAST, It must be because that engine in a 10th scale on-road goes over 40 MPH they say.

2005.03.31, 10:23 AM
once the motor winds up... it's pretty quick... but the stock gearing is pretty high so acceleration lacks... if I added a two-speed ...I'm sure it would be peppier

you guys have to remember... the HPI motor, whether it's for 1/10 or not... is only about .58HP... versus a 1.65HP Novarossi... so it's still not a powerful motor by any means no matter what car it's in :)

mini-z racing
2005.03.31, 01:27 PM
the HPI motors ok for just bashing around, I would think that HPI motor is fine for the micro, for 10th scale you do need more power for racing.

2005.03.31, 01:38 PM
one reason gas cars are getting such high top speeds are the two and three speed trannys

mini-z racing
2005.03.31, 01:57 PM
Is there a 3 speed tranny you can get for the micro? that would fly