View Full Version : just finished my new White NIssan Skyline R34!

2002.03.03, 08:41 PM
well i finished my Skyline wit custom stickers and put my light kit*S* in it. 1 for lights 2 blue in front 4 in rear since Skyline has two tail lights and 2 blue lights for ground effects. Also i installed my new Clear Blue chassie and new X-Speed motor, Ball bearings, new white 6 spoke rims, blue wheel nuts, GPM Super Turbo (which im having poblems connecting if any one can help PLZ!) Carbon Fiber H-plate, Front Stabilizer set, Wide tires, TopCad Ball Differental, GPM Gold alloy motor mount (cant install yet beacause i dotn have the long pinion gear thingy) and finally a rear damper kit. well thats alot of parts and wont be the last :D
il try and get some pics up soon!

2002.03.04, 02:30 AM
that sounds like a nice set-up, but theres one problem wheres the PICTURES ?

Also what weight oil do you use in your rear dampner I want to see what most poeple are using and work form there to see what the best is for the mini-z.

2002.03.04, 05:48 PM
I really dont know i just use the normal kyosho oil

2002.03.04, 05:51 PM
I know what you mean I recently got a oil shock but it came with the oil pre-installed and I am thinking of switching it to a lighter oil because it seems to dampen to much for how small my caar is.