View Full Version : can't see this site in my laptop screen

2005.03.31, 12:54 PM
When I use my laptop computer, I can't see the pages in the minizracer site, can't even see the tabs or flags that say "forums", "shop", "alloy", "readysets", and so on, and in the "shop" pages, I can't see the listings in each category, like "body", I don't see what you have there. I wonder if it is because of the black background color. When I make a print preview, I do see everything in the page. How could I resolve this? This is the only site I can't see.

mini-z racing
2005.03.31, 01:21 PM
what kind of laptop, ive seen this web page on someones lap top before and it seemsed fine, maybe your color adjustment on the computer is too dark?

2005.05.22, 06:22 PM
What browser, OS, screen resolution, etc. are you running?