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2002.03.03, 11:18 PM
Hey all!..
just wanted to know if any one on this forum is from SYD.
Also, i was wondering if there are any mini-z tracks around...
i've been searching for a while, but havent found any!!
Thanks :)

2002.03.05, 08:54 AM
I'm in Syd, but don't really have much time to race the damn thing, but it sure looks nice running around the corridors at work.

Wings in Gladesville apparently have a track but they don't seem to want to share. They told me about it and said I could try it out but then told another board member that it's for staff only.

I know that Lane Cove has a RC track, but I don't know if it caters for Mini-Zs or not....

Post here if you guys find something...


Aesch :)

2002.03.06, 04:07 AM
Heya guys!..
yeah i heard there was a track at wings & things also, but it's for there demo car only, damn selfish people! :p

I don't want any hardcore place where we can only play when theres competition.. i want to be able to go there when ever i want to take my sweet little car around a nice piece of wood (or what ever material the tracks are made of)..! :)

I was told that there will be one pretty soon wow kool.. heheheh.. well i hope that time is soon!..
It's odd how my altezza is so beaten up, conisdering i have never taken it to the tracks lol, 'ROADS' weren't made for mini-z's people, so don't pit them on the pavement, or your shell will be 'R#ped'... :D

Yah if i find out anything relative to new tracks, i'll tell you's, i've been longing for a real track to race up!!

2002.03.15, 09:33 PM
I'm from sydney.
If you are looking for a place where you can take your car there anytime then you will have to take it to a permante track. Unfortunately there is no permante track for these mini yet, so you probably have to take it to the bigger track (for 1/10 scale) OR you can put the money in and built your own track :D
The only solution to me is that you gather a group of people and start your own race club but the track is non-permante which means that you have to set it up when ever you race. Either that or you will just playing by yourself !!!!!!:confused:
Wingsnthings have the same thing, they dont have a permante track, its a small area where they just set it up when ever they needs it !!!

2002.03.19, 04:21 AM
Hi luchiano!..
yeah i heard about people taking their mini-Z's to 1/10 tracks, but i'm just not to fund about tracks in the area.. LOL!.. like honestly, i barely have a clue as to where the tracks are situated in the area.
I'm pretty new to R/C's themselves, but i guess you gotta start somewhere!.. heheh
So hey, do you have any suggestions as to where i could take my Z (and perhaps every1 else :D ), i live in Fairfield, so anywhere no too far away is fine for me!..
If not.. i think ill have to get some idea's off you and others to construct my own little raceway in my back yard.. LOL!.. so sad! :p
Please do tell me where the tracks are !!! :)

2002.03.19, 05:50 AM
You live in Fairfield you live way closer to the 1/10 scale tracks then me . I live in the city and I can tell you that there in no track close by !!!!
To be honest with you, in sydney aus. there is not alot of permanent rc tracks esp. for onroad cars as its alot easier to setup a track on a parking lot then to build one so then chances of you bringing your car whenever you want is pretty slim but if you want to check them out there is a track near lansvale. I think the address is hollywood drive in lansvale or something like that but as far i know its not a permanent track. There is a permanent track in liverpool but its way too big for mini-z as the track is design for 1/5 scale gar car racing (they r huge, abotu 1 meter long and very noisy). The track is around 290 m long so by the time u finish one lap half of your battery would be dead :D

2002.03.20, 04:04 AM
Oh i see!..
well it's good to know that there is a track near by.. thanks alot for that!!.. in a way i pitty you though, LoL!
I would have thought that there might have been a track in the city, guess i was wrong.. hehehhe
I don't think the 1/5 track is an ideal track for cars way way way smaller!!... any how yeah, it would be easier to set up a track at a local parking lot or something like that.
So this track at lansvale, can you tell me more about it, like how big it is.... how much it costs to hire, when's it available, a site perhaps...??? etc
i really want to look into it, i'm just afraid that it'll be too big for the 1/28's... so it may be of concern when it comes down to fun
please keep me up to date!!!
oh btw.. is the track your talking abt Magic Kingdom!??!
Thanks Alot!

2002.03.20, 07:36 PM
Yes, i'm talking about the one at magic kingdom but i dont know whether its still operating as i saw copy of racing lines the other day (australia's own rc car mag) and its not listed on the track list anymore !!

there are a few new tracks around the bankstown area and so on.... but i dont know anything about them !!!!
If you really want to check them out I suggest that you pick up a copy of Racing Lines and look at all the track around !!!
Thr problem of the track being too big for the car is can be a problem esp. with the range on these mini-z.
U dont really hire a track to yourself !!! U go there and pays a small fee of around $5 to $10 to race (for 1/10 scale) and you can drive there all day ( assuming that there is no competition) !!!
If you look for a track try to look for a track thats been design for electric car as its alot smaller than gas !!!
Track in the city ?? Land is too expensive as well as rare !!!
If you cant find a track for the mini well then just buy a 1/10 scale and race them !!!! but they can be $$$$$:confused:

2002.03.21, 03:35 AM

Man bankstown??
that is way too far for me :(
Magic kingdom is really old, like honestly!.. i also find that place scary, it's actually been a long long time since i've last sighted the track, and indeed the track wasn't too impressive...! :o
But a track is a track, and i will still look into it... not necessarely magic kingdom, but other tracks (maybe if i'm lucky i'll be able to find a mini - z track!!). :)
That sux how thers no tracks in the city for people like you... hehheheh, i'm suprised they don't set up a little track at hobbyco, i would consider going there not only to buy parts, but to also race there!! :D
Hmm.. well i think our chances of comming across a mini-z track is very thin, so i might have to take into account the creation of a new track in my back yard!...
I just don't know how thats gonna work, because half of my back yard is full of grass! :(
welp.. have any suggestions?!?!??

2002.03.21, 04:43 PM
Half of grass ?? Well at least the other half is concrete or some sort of on material that you can run your car right ???
A mini-z dont take much space to run so u r lucky !!!!
Its easy to make yourself a track !!!
i normally use rope and some dinner plates (yes dinner plates):D
I use the rope to layout the track and then dinner plates to makr out the corner. If you use dinner plates, make sure you choose one that have a this shape __-------__ make sure that then end is close to teh ground as possible. This will allows you to 'ride' on corners just like real racing car does !!!

The alternative is to use PVC pipe, to layout the track. This option can be better as well as worser than ropes.
The problem with ropes is that they can be knock out ofplace easily which means that you might have to make adj. to the trak while u r playing (can be annoying) but with ropes you an change the track layout anytime that u want !!!!
PVC pipes wont have the problem of being knock out of place that easily but its a bit more difficult to change the layout

Hobbyco and a mini track ??? that place dont even have enough space for ppl to walk let alon a track !!!

I guest one of teh disadv. of living in the city is that u dont have easy access to hobby places such as rc car tracks or plane flying field !!!! But then again there r other adv.

2002.03.22, 12:05 AM
yeap half grass
but heres the catch..!
the other half of my back yard is full of un-leveled and cracked concrete!!.. i only have about a 3 X 5 m area, thats just about flat!..
so thats the really bad thing.. LOL!
space has limited me!! :(
i think ill just use plates if anything to make a really tiny track.. hahah.. it'll be really crumy though.. i can already tell!
Better yet, i think i'll rather wait for a track (thats if there is gonna be one!!), i hope there is a track!! :D

Yeah the city really lacks venues for r/c's.. i don't really know if ill ever find a track dude!.. i'm still longing for one, the day i find a reasonable track close by, is the day i start modding! ;)

So hey, have you heard anything about tracks being made?? :)

2002.03.22, 12:08 AM
You can always find some carpet and roll the carpet over the concrete. It'll be better than cracks :D

Aesch :)

2002.03.22, 06:08 PM
5 X 3 m is bigger than my track dude !! :D
The track that I've made inside my lounge room is about 4 X 2.2 m and I have no problem running around it !!! But its a bit tight if run more than one car !!! Tighter track a harder to drive but u should get plenty smashes !!:D

Anyone making a track ??? hmmm dont think so !!! If i can find enough ppl living around the city area I might try and start a race club !! but i'm too lazy to go around and look for ppl !!! :D

2002.03.25, 01:47 AM

LATER GUYS!!!!! :) :D :p ;)

2002.03.25, 02:55 AM
heya JDMboy
yeah i am dude
how'd you know aye..??
yeah that sounds like a good idea :D
btw who r U??

2002.03.25, 11:22 PM
im ritchie!!!! wats ur name??? i think DC2R gave it away, dats why i know ur phils lil bro. im da who introduced mini-z to ur bro, i was tellin him 2 buy one and then when we chatted at da vtec channel he told me dat u bought one. hehhehehheh!!! so have u done anything 2 ur "Z" yet???


2002.03.26, 04:47 AM
Oh i C!.. heheheh
I'm Dan, lol, like your nick man.. LoL!
thats kool man :)
nah i haven't done anything to my Z atm dude, no $$, and no where to race!!.. lol.. so theres no point in modifying, unless i want it for show... Hhahahah!
But hey!.. i'm no rice boy!
i just got 2 shells an Altezza and Evo 6.. i think thats about all i've done, bought another shell.. hehhehe
so what have you done to your Z dude?
and btw, what shells you have??

2002.12.15, 07:59 AM
hey guys im a mini z racer too n i live in da city. i know where to race ma mini z and its smooth but in sum places there are tiny rocks which flip ma mini z sum times :( its not a track it a car park for delifrance..... sum company but me n ma frend where racin dere n he made a trak which is about 15m x 8m its really mad there.