View Full Version : Pics of my MR02 chassi--MustangGT

Thomas P
2005.04.03, 11:11 AM
Hand polisched M-Mount 1200gr
Towerbar --""--
Custom made Bumper (glassfiber) Carbonlook
InZane Foam Tires front 35deg 30 back


Have any Q,just ask... :)

mini-z racing
2005.04.03, 11:24 AM
That body looks nice, how do you like those tires?

Thomas P
2005.04.03, 11:44 AM
The tires..just one word..OUTSTANDING.

2005.04.03, 03:13 PM
Very nice touch. I like how you removed the anodizing and made all your alumnim pieces polished silver.

2005.04.03, 04:23 PM
:D Very sweet ride!!! It has a nice 'tuff' look to it. Are those the stock wheels?

Thomas P
2005.04.04, 12:24 AM
:D Very sweet ride!!! It has a nice 'tuff' look to it. Are those the stock wheels?

Nope they arnīt itīs from the F-Marnello..it have 0.5 mm ofsett on the front rims..

But if u look hard, u vill see that i have lovered the body approx 4mm over the chassi. Compare it with the other Stang Pics on this Forum-part, that Stang is a hgrider ;)

This is a Lowrider :D , and itīs much smother,faster then my oldi McLaren

About the "polish-Silver"...it took some time :( lots of houers :D

2005.04.04, 11:07 AM
It's certainly one of the nicest custom stangs i've seen :cool: . I do like the stance. I've polished some aluminum on a motorcycle so i can understand the time it takes, but i would almost think it would be harder just cause of the smaller size in handling it.

Thomas P
2007.10.15, 07:42 AM
This car have been sold for a looong time ago. Dont know if there will be any more 27 scale cars. the links dont work anymore..

/Thomas P

2007.10.15, 09:52 PM
can't seem to see the pics... :confused: