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2005.04.06, 10:21 PM
I'm in the process of making an indoor crawling track to run my 04 and my Iwaver rally car on ( the next revision of Lil' Subie). Shown with the 04 are my sand patches and 2 rocks. The rocks are the taller features on the track. There is also pictures of the rocks I made taken while they were drying and 2 other obstacles I've made.


2005.04.06, 10:28 PM

i like the pick up :p

mini-z racing
2005.04.06, 10:40 PM
The pickup looks great,I like the one where its running over the cars

2005.04.07, 12:20 AM
Is the pick-up s c-10 or a k20 Looks like c-10?

2005.04.07, 03:32 AM
Old trucks aren't my forte, but it kinda looks like an old dodge power wagon :o ? Is that a driver in the front seat? :D Awsome! :D

2005.04.07, 07:54 AM
yes, early 70's model Dodge Power Wagon would be correct :D nice call

2005.04.07, 09:28 AM
yes, early 70's model Dodge Power Wagon would be correct :D nice call

I like the dodge that looks great! So does the track a lot of different type of obstacles.

2005.04.07, 09:29 AM
Thanks guys, this is just the beginning of this track. The pieces on the carpet are trail sections that go between the bigger rocks and features.

Nija, you are very close about the truck. It is a 1978 Dodge Lil' Red Express 1/25 AMT model kit I got at Walmart for 10.00 CDN. In 1978 the Lil' Red Express was the fastest domestic production vehicle made due to its lack of need for smog equipment on the 360 big block. trucks didn't have to meet the same requirements as cars.

That body has the model's chassis plate interior and motor in it. I call it the smallest hybrid vehicle around... electric power in back 360 big block in front. There is a driver figure in it that I call Leon. Right now there is also a passenger.


2005.04.07, 11:18 AM
Passenger too? Very cool :cool: . One of the best things about experiances is sharing them, even if your plastic :p . You also need to get a second row of cars to crush so that you can have some compititions goin.

2005.04.08, 03:32 PM
Yes Davemud is riding with Leon since the Isuzu is out of comision. I am working on a new rally/OL type chassis for it though. It will be a while before I can add another double row of cars but I will probably make 2 single rows. I have been making quite a few other obstacles this week but the new ones are not completed yet.


2005.04.08, 04:56 PM
Cool. I will check out the pics as they get posted. I like the OL and MZM because you can add details like interiors that you can't do with the cars. Don't get me wrong, i like my cars alot.

2005.04.10, 11:01 PM
Over the past week I made a lot of new obstacles. I now have rocks, sand trail sections with OL or 04 tire tracks and the log stunts I had in the original set up. this morning I set up a few different courses and schooled the 04 on the courses until I tore the rear ball head screw right out of the motor mount.

I'll be making a Davemud Monster Truck Madness apprvoved alloy mount for it to go with my alloy link mount plate but that's another thread. Here are some over view pics of the courses.


2005.04.11, 06:46 PM
i like the track, but i cant say the same about iwavers.... although yours is pretty cool :cool:

hey and saiyan nice collection :) :D

2005.04.12, 05:19 AM
Thanks for the compliment. :cool:

My IW02 Pro works great and the radio works well too. I have not raced it yet against others to see about glitching. I would say that i am real tempted to try the IW04 monster out.

2005.04.20, 01:31 PM
Have you made any changes to the track lately? Have you thought about putting it on a sheet of ply so that you don't have to worry about your wood floor?

I was going to make mine in sections so that i could store it away in the shed, but the wife said i could use part of the patio so that i can leave it up and be able to just throw my truck on it and play. I'll still build it with the idea of taking it apart though.

2005.04.20, 07:04 PM
saiyan, in that case heres what i would do, build your small section on the patio so that it is interesting but small enough to keep her happy, and big enough to get your quick off-road r/c fix for the day, then with some pieces of plywood you could make an "expansion set" so to speak, so that you may add to, or take away from the course you have permanantly set up. this way if you are alone or just simply dont have time to set up the whole course you can play on the small permanant section, then if friends come over or you plan to be mini off-roading for a couple hours or so you can add or remove expansion pieces as necisary :D sounds like a new project for myself already :p

2005.04.20, 07:28 PM
That sounds like a pretty good idea. I just might do it that way. Thanks. :cool:

2005.04.21, 12:00 AM
saiyan, the pieces are all individual obstacles. The have little pieces of velcro on them to stabilise them on the carpet the are on. The carpet strip is a remenant and it covers the floor. All of those obstacles are foam so they won't damage the floor. If I want to use them on the laminate I use 2 sided tape to anchor them.

I don't plan to attach them to anything permanently because as individual pieces the track or trail options are virtually unlimited. They also store much easily, I put the pieces in a bag and roll up the carpet and put it in the closet when its not in use. Mind you it has been in constant use lately. :D

Here are pics of last Friday nights; set up and some new obstacles I'm working on set up on my deck.

2005.04.21, 02:33 AM
That's cool :cool: . I also like the pics. I see that you must have a little girl too, mine's 3 and a half. Didn't know Porche made a rallye car. I wonder what class it competes in.

2005.04.21, 03:23 AM
The pic with the girl's bike in it is in machine's garage. He has a daughter and a son. I don't have any kids I have a cat who has decided he likes my new DG Master Subaru.


2005.04.21, 03:54 AM
Okay, sorry about my jumping to conclusions :o . I thought i was being all super observant :rolleyes: . I used to have a cat that liked anything i happen to be invovled with. He would come up and see what i was doin and then proceed to lay on top of what ever it happen to be until i paid enough attention to him.

2005.06.01, 02:03 PM
Any updates to your track? I've finally gotten around to starting mine. I'll post some pics of it eventually.

2005.06.01, 04:02 PM

That is so cool man! But I think I missed something: I read that you put velcro under the tiles, which is a good idea, but how did you make the tiles itself?

I'm looking for a solution to use at our club. We have a permanent racetrack and I was planning to make some modules to add to it for OL use, but now that I see your tiles, it gives me some extra ideas too!!

HaCo :eek:

2005.06.01, 09:40 PM
Hi guys,

I sold all of the original pieces I had except for the OL trail sections. I've been working on some larger ones, here's a link to my Yahoo albums. I'd put the pics here in the post but I don't know how to do that.

I have a gallery here now too but I wasn't able to get a link to it to work in my signature and I don'r know how to put the photos from my galley in the posts here either.


All of my obstacles are made from foam. The originals were from expanding spray foam used in hot tub manufacturing. I use a wide variety of texturing and colouring techniques that I learned during 3 years of art college and recent experimentation.

I use virtually all recycled materials. All coulorants and fixatives are water soluable and I use a lot of natural materials. Most of the materials are available at stores like Home Depot. At this point I'm not willing to go into detail on the various techniques I use but I do sell the obstacles at very reasonable prices, currently about 5.00 CDN per square foot.


2005.06.02, 04:42 PM
First off the Isuzu body rocks! And that is some nice work on the foam rocks. If you scroll down below your post you'll see where it sais "manage attachments" click there and follow the cues.

2005.06.02, 08:28 PM
Ok, I'll try it again...

When I do that I only get the browse option for files on my own computer. This forums' software doesn't allow me to put pics directly in the post off my computer. I have no options for posting image links in the manage attachments window.

Thanks regarding the Isuzu. I have 3 04 chassis now so it will be going on one of them.


2005.06.02, 08:52 PM
are you trying to attach an image or insert? is what your saying that you can browse for a file but it will not upload? there is a file size limit of 544kb or somethign like that as well...

2005.06.02, 09:00 PM
What model kit did you get that Isuzu body from?

If you re-save those pics to your system and then upload them to your gallery, you can then right-click on the address of your gallery page and then click copy. Then click on the hyper link and put in what ever you want your gallery link to say and then when it asks for the link just right click again and press paste. And all of this can be done from your edit signature page so that it is always there or do individual folders like TNB. Or it can be done for individual posts.

Actually for that matter you could probably do the same for the yahoo page.

2005.07.03, 10:34 AM
Thanks for the replies guys. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I didn't get a notification of your replies and l forgot about this thread. I'll try those things and see if I can't get some pics up.

I sold most of my original rocks and have been making a new set that have proven to be a real challenge for the 04. The last test drive didn't go too well for the truck!

These are all mounted on bases and based on a 6 inch grid. It looks great and I'll put pics up when I have a few more pieces. A local offroad nut wanted something more challenging and well he is definitely getting a more challenging course! :D


2005.07.04, 05:58 PM
You'll have to post some pics of what they look like.

Here's a pic of my OL play land. There's more in my gallery.

2005.07.04, 11:48 PM
You'll have to post some pics of what they look like.

Here's a pic of my OL play land. There's more in my gallery.

That is a sweet start sayian! For your road surface you could use acrylic caulk to make tire tracks and wagon ruts. Then paint the road surface with diluted white glue or an earth coloured acrylic paint and then sprinkle the surface with dirt or beach sand... don't buy it dig up your own! When that dries use a spray bottle with white glue diluted with water to seal it.

It will make your track look very realistic... there's nothing better than dirt for making your track look like a dirt road! ;). the best part is its dirt cheap! :D

Pics are coming

Oh yea, the Isuzu body is from a Tamiya 1/24 scale plastic model kit. I detailed the interior in gun metal grey leather, wood grain trim and wheel with blushed aluminum spokes, dash and console inserts, shift knobs and pedals. The interior and fully detailed chassis plate from the model kit aren't in it right now because I haven't built the new mounts for it yet.

Right now I just slip the Isuzu shell over the original 04 body and it clicks in place. The 04's body is so ugly its nice that it works perfectly as a body mount for SUV model bodies.


2005.07.05, 12:43 AM
Thanks for the comments on the track. I like some of those ideas for painting the surface, i'll have time to give it some thought. I still plan to add 2 more levels kinda like a parking garage, except the next 2 will be smaller and there will be a suspension bridge in the mix. I would also like to have another 4'x4' piece next to the bottom level giving it an L shape. I have multiple paths that can be blocked off for racing purposes, although it would probably have to be timed events as it really isn't wide enough for full on racing. I have tried it with an MR01 with Suby body on it for a 'rallye race'. It was cool. I still plan to have some trials type obstacles placed randomly around the OL/MZM park. I also need to find some sort of putty that will remain supple to help shape some of the foam ilsands i did to make them be climbable. The only things i don't want to be able to climb would be the outer walls.

Thanks for the info on the Isuzu body, I'll keep an eye out for it when i'm at the LHS or on e b a y.

2005.07.05, 02:07 AM
You can easily carve that foam or the sheet styrofoam used to insulate building foundations with an Olfa Knife, coping saw, hack saw or hobby razor saw.

For those Islands paint them with diluted glue or earth coloured acrylic paint and then sprinkle sand or dirt on them. when it dries spritz them with carpenters glue or white glue diluted with water. It will make a surface like the slick rock in Moab Utah which is anything but slick to a rubber tire.

You will end up with a surface like sand paper that is super grippy.

Here are a few pics of my new crawling obstacles set up in a 2 ft X 6 ft course.

2005.07.05, 12:32 PM
That looks sweet! Definately looks like it would be an advantage to have big tyres on that course. Hopefully i'll be getting an MZM/04 soon. I know the big tyres on my Maxx make a huge differance in crawling giving you a better angle of attack and departure. I know that the OL modded gives a better scale appearance, but i can't help but think the MZM/04 would handle the task better.

2005.07.05, 08:45 PM
Thanks Saiyan, I have about 12 easier tiles I'm working on as well but they are in the raw stage right now. That course is very tough even for the 04s. Bigger tires would help but not at the expense of low gearing. What this course really requires is 4WD.

I do have some logs for it that will be cut to various lengths so they can fill gaps and be used to span between the bigger block shaped pieces. These pieces still need to be sealed with diluted glue.

I plan to add some logs to the other pieces I'm working on as well as the odd removeable stump. At club meets I'll have real rocks about the size of golf balls that people can place where they want.


2005.07.06, 03:04 AM
I just ment that the MZM/04 had bigger tyres then the OL. It surprises me that more aren't modded for climbing, but then again the OL has the truer scale look i guess. The MZM/04's come with a diff lock ring don't they? I would also imagine that the same suspension mods should work and also the shaving of extra plastic on the underside. Anyway i plan to do all this to my MZM/04 when i get one and do a Forest Ranger or search and rescue paint scheme with flashing lights and everything. This way i can chase down those pescy OLs. :D That's why i like your pics, you use your 04 in them for all the action shots. Don't get me wrong, i love my OL's.

The logs should definately help make some sections easier and other harder. I like the idea of having the choosable stones, naybe a handicap for the fast guys. The quicker your times the less stones you get. ;) You'll have to post some vids of the meets when they happen.

2005.07.06, 09:21 PM
Yes, you're right about the MZM/04 having the advantage with the bigger tires. They are geared lower too and they do have the diff lock and mine are always in! :p

I wonder why no one does the LSSM ect to the monsters either. I haven't done it on mine yet because I'd have to lif the body too far to clear the wheel travel. The Dodge was already top heavy and didn't need to get any worse in that area.

I am however working on a suspension mod I haven't seen any oneelse do yet. They may have, I just haven't seen it.


2005.07.07, 01:32 AM
Willing to release any details on this suspension mod?

2005.07.07, 02:05 AM
When its done which could be sooner than later. Its more fun to see it at the reveal if its a surprise. I remember now another reason I didn't do the LSSM 04 is a lack of clearance for the upper suspension arms.


2005.07.07, 11:44 AM
Well if the upper suspension arms could be replaced with a centered single unit it and use a canterlever set-up with the shocks running the length of the chassis, it would be cabable of almost 90*. If Kyosho/Iwaver came up with a better shock they wouldn't of needed 2 upper arms to maintain level travel wich when the shock sticks doesn't happen anyway. The upper arms wouldn't be needed at all if the rest of it worked how it's suppossed to.

Hmmmm, i'll have to do some messurements on my OL and see about a conversion.?.

I definately need to get an MZM/04 soon. :D

2005.07.07, 08:01 PM
Actually a single upper arm does not work well at all because of the stock 3 point suspension pivot system. The lower ball mount pivot set up really needs the control arms to stop the motor pod or servo box from pivoting. One centre upper bar can't stabilise the sytem at all.

Cantilever systems are way too complicated especially for a truck this size. My IW01OR has a pivot less suspension system in the back and it has smoother travel and more articulation than a stock OL with no binding. Its not the suspension design that is unusual its the material the spring is made from.

I made mine from some scrap I had laying around. If I ever find a source for it I'll make and sell the system. The system I'm doing for the 04 is different than the IW01OR though.


2005.07.10, 06:25 PM
Well maybe modifiing the upper arms by raising the lower ball studs and maybe moving the upper ball studs forward a little can give it the articulation needed. Or what about just replacing them with shocks? Then when it twists, 1 shock can compress?................................Okay, how about attaching the upper arms to a cantelever (4 would be required) and then you would only need 2 shocks for both ends and they would run parrallel with the chassis and be tucked inbetween the unneeded shock towers. A bracket to mount the 4 cantalevers to would all that would be necessary. Then you wouldn't have the shocks in the 4 corners to hamper travel.

2005.07.10, 08:25 PM
The major thing that limits articulation on the MZM/04 is the travel in the shock itself. You could do the LSSM to lengthen the shock travel and then just reposition the upper shock mount higher to get more articulation. That is the easiest way to increase travel.

RCMotorsport showed an OL with Mini-T shocks on it that looked pretty weird with the body off but it did have a lot of travel and lift. I think that was done before the MZM was introduced.


2005.07.28, 12:55 AM
Okay, I'll have to give the LSSM a go when i get my 04. I'm thinkin of selling 1 of my OLs to get one sooner.

2005.07.28, 11:22 AM
Hey Easy, Great work on the expanding foam obstacles. I have done a few myself,
but they don't look nearly as good as yours. Great job! :)

2005.07.28, 02:20 PM
Well i picked up some more ply and cans of foam so i'll be adding to my OL playland probably next week. I'm also gonna change some things so that an MZM/04 will fit through the course. Wich reminds me, could you tell me what the width of your 04 is?