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2005.04.09, 07:26 PM
ok i got bored today, i lowered my monster, lifted my 01, put an 8cell mod on the monster, still havent put electronics in the 01. the 8 cell mod on the monster is no faster than stock :confused: i wanted it to pull the front tires up every time i hit the throttle. next it will get a set of the Iwaver pro fets and my S04 :D i have OL tires/wheels and my rally Evolution body on my lifted 01, built a complete new front suspension, fully independant :D and im thinking of putting 8 cells, proboard, and X-Speed Pro motor in it :D ok enough of that

what happened to Steve? do you guys think we hurt his ego last time he was there?

and what about Shaun? what ever happened to him? he was a good racer and had a pretty fast car.

2005.04.09, 08:42 PM
I cant wait to see the new mods....I havent heard from Steve in a long time. I think Tim spoke to him a few weeks ago and he complained that he had a crappy car and couldnt race.

I think Shaun posted and said he had new hours at work that wouldnt allow him to race with us on Thursday nights. It is strange I havent seen him on here in a while...

I added stiff springs to the front on my Enzo and it seems to handle a little better.

2005.04.11, 07:36 AM
Last time I talked to Stevo, he said he was ditchin the hobby shop and going to Rat Shaque in Northgate Mall. He said he'll prolly wind up getting an XMod eventually. :D Speaking of which, the blue Subaru STI XMod RTR is out and freakin sweet. Also the $15 CF/plexiglass chassis upgrade is out, too. Oh, and a silver Supra body set (like the black RSX and red Cobra). Sorry, I was in the Shack the other day. :D

2005.04.11, 12:57 PM
well LMAO ummm, now i am in need of a new idler gear, my 8 cell mod chewed mine up and spit it out :p this thing looks like erics mauler when he hits the gas. i might drop down to 6 cells. i doubt it though :D i need to just find a better place to mount the batteries :Di have a pretty good idea how, i just got to put it into action ;)

2005.04.11, 06:13 PM
He said he'll prolly wind up getting an XMod eventually. :D

Yikes...hes going from bad to worse :confused:

2005.04.11, 06:18 PM
lmao, i was thinking the same thing, i just wasnt going to say it :D btw, i lifted my MZM back up to stock, but the 8 cell mod is complete now, cant wait till thursday :D

2005.04.11, 07:16 PM
I might have to choose between an all-day detailathon and racing Thrusday. I've got a meet in Huntsville this weekend and I've got to spruce up. ;)

2005.04.11, 07:18 PM
:mad: you better be there, you werent there last week :p

2005.04.11, 07:24 PM
I might have to choose between an all-day detailathon and racing Thrusday

Qeah Eric, we need ya there!!! I bet if Steve was gonna be there you would show up :p

2005.04.13, 09:02 AM
Well change o plans anyways. Michelle and I found an apartment in East Ridge, so we're not going to Huntsville; we're gonna spend the weekend filling it with Elvis memorabilia and hot pr0n. I do have to work Thursday, but I'm going to try to move to an early shift so we can make it.