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2001.11.21, 03:07 PM
Ok I have a 4wd Mini idea..

But I am curious if ppl can cant live with out a 3rd differential.. There would be a forward, and a rear for those axles, but most 4x4 have a 3rd in the center to allow a differential in the axle power them selves... A realy simple design would get rid of the center diff. would ppl put up with that? or would that be kinda mandatory?

I will try to convert my 3D mini-Z into a 4wd 3D-Miniz ;). Maybe If all the parts fit as I plan, I could submit it to Kyosho ;).

Ken Mifune
2001.11.22, 01:01 AM
Heh heh

2001.11.22, 08:25 AM
Hehe, how did you do that? Photoshop or real life?

2001.11.22, 11:50 AM
thats a photo shop hack..

:) go ahead and ignore the real question... im serious though.
Although the current design could potentialy use the 3rd Diff as an upgrade... let it be removeable incase some bodies wont fit with it on.

Ken Mifune
2001.11.22, 12:23 PM
How about a motor with a shaft long enough to have a pinion on the other side. Actually, bevel gears on that side with a small flex cable (like the Dremel attachment) leading to the front dif.

or Two motors. A car with a motor pod in front and back. Steering can be accomplished by pivoting one or both pods. Not very realistic but it sounds simple.

Either way, I think the front dif should be one-way for good 4WD acceleration on starts and coming out of turns, and good top end speed. Plus you'd get used to slowing down before the turns and then powering thru.

2001.11.22, 02:08 PM
I believe that the HPI Micro RS4 (1:18 scale 4WD car) hasn't got the 3rd differential either, so it shouldn't be a big problem. Just show us your plans! :)

2001.11.22, 02:28 PM
AFTER patent ;)

2001.11.22, 07:07 PM
How do the mini-4WDs (non-RC) accomplish it? It must be simple as they're cheap little things...?

2001.11.23, 01:39 AM
They dont have steering do they? not sure what those are, I might have the wrong idea as to what they are.

I think they are a shaft... but mine will be more like a larger scale 4wd car, just smaller, man its actualy kinda fun trying to fit all the parts in.. I actualy got it so a small front diff, only a few mm larger then the Stock one.. will fit in front,.. the only problem is fitting a servo in there ;). And then the concept will work... so far I am designing it to fit a sub micro survo... if it breaks it breaks. (hmm thats probly kyoshos logic when designing mini z hehe).

If my idea works, we are looking at any were from 1mm (for low riding) to 9mm ground clearance (for off road carpet romping).

The front will be like the rear, similar, so some one might make a mod by using 2 front ends... and make a 4x4x4 ;) (3rd for is for 4 wheel steering).

Note: this is pure digital design, no parts have actualy been made, yet.

2001.11.23, 08:13 AM
Cool, post the 3D pics here when you've got them!

Ken Mifune
2001.12.05, 07:29 AM
Okay, here's a "real" pic.
4WD and it's 1/24 scale.
I know it's not a Mini-Z but it fits this topic.

(see the Mini RC thread)...

2002.03.07, 01:46 AM
any update Drac?

2002.03.07, 11:11 AM
Originally posted by Draconious
AFTER patent ;)


Let me save you the trouble. Kyosho won't take any **** from anybody. Not from you, not from me, nobody. Why? Their excuse is that they may end up in a big lawsuit if you were to introduce them a product, and their Design team had already designed something similar, and Kyosho then decided to manufacture the product. They can get sued for stealing an "idea". So they play it safe, and have their design team come up with all the crappy products, like an ESC that fries when you touch the antenna. Or a servo that twitches, when dust gets in the servo housing. Little **** like that.

In addition, none of the RC's out there are patented. It will cost companies way too much to patent their creation. And you know what else? There are countries that do not abide by the international laws that pertain to patent. They feel it's okay to reverse engineer something, produce the same exact thing, and make a profit out of it, which is what's going on right now.


2002.03.07, 12:22 PM
I kinda figured kyosho would be that way... dont mean sell to just kyosho any one that wants tomake it ;) -- as for the patent, it keeps some copiers away... and it can be done almost free.. as long as you do all the paper work your self ;) reason its taking so long... you dont have to hire a lawyer to submit it.. but its a good idea.. I just want to do it, for the sake of doing it... its less the chassis pattent, and more of a particular part of it... ;).

2002.03.08, 05:23 PM
nice pic... impossible but funny

2002.03.09, 06:48 PM
Check out ************ and they have a MiniX which is four wheel drive 1/24scale , idon't know if theres a one way dif in the front though so i'm not sure how good the handling would be.

Inferno motors
2003.11.29, 07:47 AM
I had this idea by myself and look what i found (by luck anyway)!tamiya is going to release 4WD racers in 1/24!Click on


The mecanisms look simplier than the mini-z's so I think that could fit in a miniz racer chasis.

2003.11.29, 09:26 AM
Thos have been out for almost a year... they are just remote ON/OFF switches for the 4WD fence racers... they make... in other words they dont steer via the remote.. and its not proportional.

2003.11.29, 11:29 AM
Ya, those things are less sophisticated than a slot car. I really don't understand why they are so popular, I'd consider a slot car track long, long before I'd even think of getting into that mini 4WD racing.


Inferno motors
2003.11.30, 06:24 AM
Awww....I thought that they were new releash.Anyway I dont have any other ideas.