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2005.04.19, 08:18 PM
I've been a member around here for awhile now and wondered if there is a place to buy, sell and trade RC stuff. I see by yet another of Mondo's rudely worded posts that selling and trading is done in the miscelaneous forum.

Why not have a forum dedicated to buying and selling so members can find it easily? Maybe adding buy and sell your stuff here to the miscelaneous forum is all that is required just to let everyone know there is a venue for selling and trading here.


Ryan Gardner
2005.04.19, 10:52 PM
It seems odd selling and buying under a misc category head. Why not create a classifieds thread?

2005.04.20, 03:50 AM
I agree with you and since i would like to do some selling, trading and buying, i would like to know what happens here befor i throw some mini-z stuff on the bay.

2005.04.20, 09:43 PM
I agree!!!!

2005.04.21, 04:13 PM
ya, there should be something like a classiefied section. something that can maybe be done through the store too, because ebay has a lot of stupid buyers/sellers who try to scam you or don't follow through with their offers.

on another note, I HATE IWAVERS!!!!! "What's not to like?" you ask? oooo dont get me started! their bodies that come stock... *couch* super super cheap with horrible detail *cough* also... they are a cheap knockoff of a popular brand. on the cheapness scale, that's rated as pepsi cheap. as in super cheap using another companies ideas to make a profit. by the way, the scale is as follows:
dirt cheap(1 - lowest level of cheapness)
theivingly cheap (5 - halfway)
pepsi cheap (10 - 110 - pepsi is the essence of cheapness! just look at hteir commercials. remind u of another company? hhmmm.... maybe coca cola!??!?!!?) :mad: :D :mad: :D :cool: :)

2005.04.21, 05:18 PM
hehe, pepsi cheap. I think this site would benefit from a buying/selling/trading section as well.

2005.04.21, 05:26 PM
It could have all the same rules as far as being used, mini-z or iwaver only. It would be nice to just have a thread dedicated to it.

2005.05.10, 02:39 AM
agreed, buy sell trade forum is a must.

2005.05.22, 06:17 PM
Would you prefer it to be Forums-based, or a "real" Classifieds area?

2005.05.22, 10:56 PM
"real" Classifieds area please, like the one on http://www.one18th.com

2005.05.23, 11:01 AM
By forums based do you mean a sticky BST thread at the top of each forum?

I think a classified BST would be best since people often have one type of car or parts they want to trade for another. Its easier to do that in a general classifieds section.


2005.05.23, 12:36 PM
Actually the one18th are what I meant by Forums-based, that is, little more than normal threads/posts. What I am talking about is a full-fledged system where you can for example not just list your items but have eBay-style bidding etc. In your attempts to convince me that this is worth doing, remember to take our own Shop into consideration. ;) :)

2005.05.23, 01:01 PM
I would prefer fourm based. Just a section titled classifieds or "Sale/Trade". To keep other retailers from posting in there put a limit of maybe 3 cars listed per member allowed to be sold per calender year and keep the minimum 50 posts.

2005.05.23, 01:42 PM
I think just a forum is all that is required too. Keep it simple. As for limiting use by other retailers I'd play that one by ear. If someone appears to be abusing their privaledges then deal with the person(s) on a case by case basis privately off the board.

I don't know that a BST forum really competes with the shop unless the shop has a consignment service. I think you'd find a BST supports the shop by allowing people to sell things they don't use here so they can buy new things from the shop.


2005.05.23, 02:07 PM
Or...to add on to you easy, opens up the possibility of the purchaser of the item from the BST section to have the shop here for hop-ups.

2005.05.23, 02:49 PM
Interesting - we could do like amazon.com does w/ Z-Shops and have the parts DB tied to both the Shop and the Classifieds so that people can buy from us or find used parts from other members etc. - hmmm!