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2005.04.24, 12:55 AM
I have a few questions. Are they proportional to any extent? Has anyone done suspension work to aid crawling? Anybody have pictures of articulation, what they look like under the body, etc?

2005.04.24, 04:29 PM
Hmm, I'd never heard of them before this Post...
I did a Google Search and the only exact match was a link to Toys 'Я" Us (http://www4.toysrus.com/superslicks/ssfl_carBrands_detail.cfm?carmodel=monster&color=blue)

So, it seems they are similar to Nikko and Tyco - toys....

2005.04.24, 05:17 PM
there a continuation of the SuperSlicks line which are basicly 1:43 scale Bit Charges. Bit's are toys and they are a huge hobby.

2005.04.24, 06:07 PM
I think that these are the Toys 'Я" Us version of the RS Zip Zaps. Isn't there a section over on Tiny RC for these? From that link that slot set looked interesting.

Like the ZipZaps are a bit bigger than the Bit CharG.
These Super Slicks are a bit bigger than the Zip Zaps.
Just another one of those that follow the trend of "Bigger is Better".

2005.04.24, 06:47 PM
here you go! http://www.tinyrc.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=130

Although this section is for super slick cars and monster trucks, there is some good info. on the super slick trucks. I have never used one or seen one in person myself, but they do look pretty good for the price. :cool:

El Tigre
2005.04.26, 04:18 PM
Has anyone else tried these things (http://www6.toysrus.com/superslicks/ssfl_carBrands_detail.cfm?carmodel=monster), they will go over anything. Solid axles, center diff and all wheel drive.

2005.04.26, 07:37 PM
I just bought one, haven't had a chance to try it yet. On rccrawler.com there are a couple guys that have stretched them to 1/24, lowered the CG and put swampers on them. Looks like we finally have our 4X4 OL's, and only $20! Not propo however, but I'm gonna look at installing Mini-X electronics.


williams F1#3
2005.04.26, 07:45 PM
what scale and motor?
hey kool post 200 lol

2005.04.27, 12:47 AM
I got mine running and played with it a bit, it's definately more crawler than monster truck. Can you say sloooooowwww? That's okay with me I was looking for it as a crawler anyways. It's very capable out of the box as long as you aren't going uphill. Very high COG, tends to fall backwards quite easily. It definately has potential.

what scale and motor?

The Super Slicks are marketed as 1/43 I beleive. However, this is a "monster truck". It's a little wider than an Overland, but the wheelbase is quite a bit shorter, so all it would take is stretching it out to make it 1/24. The motor is very small, probably half the size of a Mini-Z motor, but with all that gearing it's fine for crawling, you aren't gonna jump anything with it though. Someone on rccrawler.com stretched it to 1/24 and installed Mini Giant electronics and boosted it to 4.8 volts, (I think stock it runs at 3.6) and he's happy with the performance as a crawler now.


2005.04.27, 12:17 PM
I saw those at toys r us as well. I noticed the shocks are the same as the 'extreme rock crawler' . I'll have to check out that site to see one that's been modded. I hope K or Iw will release an AWD OL soon as that would just be the better way to go.

2005.05.01, 07:44 PM
XRM springs are wound closer together. I think i'm gona throw the esc/receiver from my VMG in when i get one. VMG is gona need a major over haul to make me run it. Drove the VMG twice and got tired of the slowness and battery eating and tore it apart.