View Full Version : Mini-Z Cup Finals Japan

2005.04.25, 11:31 PM
Some pictures from the Kyosho 2005 Mini-Z cup finals in Japan.

2005.04.26, 12:08 AM
I noticed the flags. Did they have any timing issues?
How long is that straight? It looks very long.
And which R/C prize is that in the upper right hand corner photo?

2005.04.26, 12:42 AM
Good to see you back RCP. Are those the taller rails in the background of the pics? Something looks just slightly different.

One last thing, I had tried to e-mail you about a month ago. I need to purchase 2 straight tiles with straight rails (older style). When the weather finally broke and I could take my bay purchased track outside to build I noticed that I had counted wrong when I inventoried the purchase. Figured it was too late to bother the seller about it and would just eat the difference in buying the 2 tiles. Could you e-mail me at bda52@yahoo.com on a price for them?


2005.04.26, 06:58 PM
Thanks for the cool pictures.

2005.04.26, 08:46 PM
that is one hell of a track :eek: :D

what timing system did they use?

2005.04.27, 09:54 PM
Man, I thought TNB's track was the biggest!