View Full Version : Mini-z Race tracks in SoCal?

2002.03.05, 01:54 AM
I live in southern California and I really want to RACE against other people other than my brother and friends.

Does anybody know of a race track in SoCal where they hold mini-z races?


2003.08.04, 01:55 AM
still up for a race?
i'll be in socal until aug 10
mapped it out and you should be almost
an hours drive south from where i'm living...
i don't really mind...not much to do this week anyway...
let me know......

Mr. P
2003.08.18, 01:27 AM
Net Zone is opening a new track for Micro RS4 and Mini Z. This is an indoor track, it is 40 feet long, 18 feet wide. Surface is Ozite carpet, facility is air conditioned, power outlets and refreshments. The track address is 1505 S. Riverside Ave, Rialto, CA 92376, Tel 909/877-2648. Opening date is August 26, 2003.

In the same facility we also have 36 PCs for PC gaming. So if you want to take out your aggression you can do it in Counter Strike!!!!, Diablo II, Warcraft or Battle Field all under one roof!!!!


2003.08.20, 04:44 PM
hey mr. p

how far is that from the ventura area?

i am heading there around nov 1-3 this year before the sema show and would love to try a dope track. just gotta see if it is worth the trouble of bringing the electronics up there thru the security. any fees?

thanks b

Mr. P
2003.08.21, 12:52 AM
I am not sure how far from Ventura, but I know that it is approximately 57 miles from Glendale. Basically you will take I10 East all the way pass Ontario mill for about 12 miles and exit at Riverside Ave. go north for 2 blocks turn right into Value Ctr St. and it is next to China Palace. We are actually right across the street(Riverside Ave) from Wal Mart and Jack in the box. We probably only charge $ 5.00 for practice all day as for the race fee we have not decided yet. Please come out and visit us.

2003.08.25, 03:06 PM
hi mr.p thanks. i saw a map and it looks to be the exact same distance as glendale to rialto, BUT the opposite direction to the coast. past thousand oaks. is the I10 the one that i'll tkae to get to vegas? if that is, i will try very, very hard to stop by and i will definitely bring a couple cars to try there. any races there on nov 1-3 this year? please say yes....

thanks b

Mr. P
2003.08.28, 02:02 AM
Unfortunately I 10 do not take you to Las Vegas, but I 10 will take you to I 15 which will take you to Las Vegas and we are only about 12 miles pass the I 10 and I 15 junction. You can drop by and enjoy yourself before get back on I 10 W. to I 15 N. to Vegas. We open 7 days a week from noon to midnight.

2003.08.28, 03:46 PM
cool. doesn't sound too far from the path. open til midnight sounds great. i'll know for sure when the gf write the schedule. thanks b