View Full Version : What happened to Version 2?

2005.05.05, 12:48 AM
I know this place gets busy... but what ever happened to Version 2 of the site. I've been waiting a long long time... still no change. :confused:

2005.05.05, 05:31 AM
check out www.halfeight.com ;) alot of the new features were introduced first with the new site so as to reduce the chances of huge problems/headaches with making the changes to an existing forum first without testing them. the shop on hE will be up and open soon as well and this will give you a look at what will be changine here.

2005.05.05, 04:13 PM
And here I like the different set ups (or at least different colors) so the forums I do visit don't appear to all look the same. However, I don't like one of the log-in set ups on one particular forum, but it isn't a "Tiny" forum anyway.

2005.05.06, 01:32 AM
I am looking forward to the new shop layout. I hope to see pictures and info with the items, that would be a very big help.

2005.05.06, 09:57 AM
the shop pictures is probably about the only new thing that I really care about. I hate trying to blindly spend my money.... :p

hE looks nice... too bad the shop isn't up to get an idea. Funny how the RCP now in stock links to here :D

2005.05.22, 06:20 PM
The hE Shop is up if you guys want to check it out. It's only a tiny fraction of the new platform that the sites will all converge around soon. The Forums will all remain separate, but you'll be able to buy parts from all of the Shops in a single order, and although it's the same "shop" it will actually look different depending on which site you access it from, e.g. the MZR "version" will have the same MZR colors and look and feel! :D