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2002.03.05, 04:40 PM
You've got mail man!
Look forward to hearing from you!


2002.03.05, 05:57 PM
Since this is becoming popular, the ATT: Draconious msgs.. at least 5 now ;) --- Mini-Z might be annoyed by this... so any one else that does it :) at least put them in the OFF TOPIC area, I will find it when I view the NEW THREADS (wich is the way I search this forum).

Also you have a reply to that email... relating to pay pal and credit cards... and smaller acounts not accepting them. I am not upgrading and paying that 30 cent junk... for credit card transactions. I would have to increase all my stuff 30 cents, when ever ppl pay with CCard. -- I think if you move the money to your PPAl acount, then send that to me that way it will let it go through.. I wont deny it till u respond via email though

2002.03.06, 11:02 PM
Heres another one for ya ;)
Should your Custom AWD Project link be not working (you temptress) or is it just down because of stupid @home going to hell

2002.03.07, 12:43 AM
Site is no longer affiliated with @home... totaly comcast now, but its not their fault THIS-TIME.. cuz I have yet to make 2 of the files my site links to.. my AWD page and my Track page... -- I have like no info for my AWD page... only the thread I once posted on here... were ever it is.