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KB ..S8..
2005.05.12, 03:50 PM
hey i orderd some alloy wheels for my OL only to find out they dont fit the super swamper tyres, so ive been emialing the shop for weeks now even months and no reply to weather i can send them back for a refund as they r useless im using my original wheels that came with my mr 02 at the moment as they fit, can sum1 help or tell sum1 that can,please. :confused: :mad:

2005.05.12, 04:29 PM
Just be a little patient. They guys here at the shopp should get back to you pretty soon They're good guys here.

2005.05.12, 04:38 PM
i bumped it up again :p

KB ..S8..
2005.05.12, 04:48 PM
thanx, i know they are good guys here thats why im askin as its been awhile and it not like them all the other service in the past has been great, but this im unsure

2005.05.12, 04:51 PM
don't let the random negative support threads throw you. for every one that might pop up for whatever reason, there are thousands of positive experiences. mini-z always takes care of his customers in the end.

2005.05.12, 05:09 PM
I second arches previous statment

2005.05.22, 06:16 PM
KB ..S8.. - I can't seem to find your email, you sent it to shop@mzr, right?