View Full Version : Interested in Mini-Z racing in the Atlanta area?

2005.05.21, 11:35 PM
If you would be interested racing Mini-Z's in the Atlanta area, please chime in. There is a good possibility that I will be building a very nice track that will be available for daily practice and scheduled races. This track would include a lap counting system, race status/results monitor (hung from ceiling), pit area, and fully stocked inventory of cars and parts. :)

I'm very interested in finding out what kind of participation to expect.


2005.05.22, 07:44 AM
it is possible that i may show up from time to time, though i usually go to Chattanooga to race, we dont have any Mini-z inventory, everything we get is bought online

2005.05.22, 08:03 PM
hey im in atlanta . im in alpharetta