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2005.05.22, 11:17 AM
will the site be getting the Iwaver alloy optional parts? i am very interested, they look nice, and are cheap to boot :D

2005.05.23, 12:27 AM
no reply? David, will you check into this for us please, we have some members that are interested in getting the cheap parts, but dont want to deal with the HK shops to get them.

if anybody reads this and is interested please post, David could use the info posted to see if it is worth the time to get these items stocked here in the shop.

2005.05.23, 01:48 PM
Ninja, we sure will be getting them - sorry for the delay replying, but everything has been a bit up in the air w/ iWaver stuff for obvious reasons. :)

Please use this thread to let us know which parts you're most interested in etc. Thanks! :)

2005.05.23, 03:18 PM
I want all the aluminum parts for the IW02 and in blue. I also want to get the side dampener in blue. I also want to get thier ball dif in blue. I was planning then to get a blue gem chassis for a blue and white color shceme with my IW02. I was gonna order direct from t o y e a s t in a couple of weeks, but if you're gonna carry them i'll get them from you here at the shop instead. Hopefully the pricing would be comparable. ;) I was also thinking of getting it all in red too and getting the smoke chassis with gold battery clips to go for a red and black color scheme on my MR02.