View Full Version : Love the new Logo mini-z!!!

2002.03.05, 11:05 PM
Hey mini-z,

Love the new logo...... u know, and idea just popped up...... the shop should get decals of the logo....... then we could have them on our Z........ easier for others to get to know the forums and easier for members to recognize each other.......... just a thought....


2002.03.05, 11:17 PM
good idea, make vinyl window banners. And waterslide logos, maybe license plates.
just include em w/ orders over a certain value

2002.03.06, 12:14 AM
Hehe, you guys are in for a treat, we've got something very special in the works. In the meantime, anyone who'd like a black on clear, black on white, or red on white laminated decal just put a note on your next order specifying color choice and size and we'll print one up for you and include it.

Ken Mifune
2002.03.06, 12:16 AM
That would certainly beat the hell out of seeing pics of stock shells posted all over the place.

2002.03.06, 12:56 AM
I might go for the liscense plate.. but any body areas is presious advertising realstate ;) -- hehe... make ppl prove they put the sticker on their more commonly used body, and give them a buck off ;)

2002.03.06, 01:03 AM
whats "on clear" mean, like typical see thru background when they're on the car, and white would be a white background when on the car?
how big are they?

2002.03.06, 01:11 AM
"on clear" meaning transparent background so when you stick it on you only see the logo......and white and red would mean the color of the background..:D

2002.03.06, 01:29 AM
right; and RE size, just let us know what you need.

2002.03.23, 02:22 PM
could you make them be water slide declas I don't like the sticker type decals. they start to look strange after awhile and they get dirty.....Cool

2002.03.24, 06:47 PM
Yes, we're working on that - we've got the paper, just trying to find the best way to print them at the moment.

Dark Yoda
2002.03.25, 11:16 AM
well I just went ahead and stuck them on my body anyways... if I get around to taking a pic I'll put it up I'm not sure how long it will stay on though since most of our tracks tend to make for a lot of contact :)

2002.03.25, 09:31 PM
well I just went ahead and stuck them on my body anyways

Oh no, they were supposed to go on your Mini-Z!!! :D :p

Dark Yoda
2002.03.25, 11:00 PM
:eek: Well that explains why they kept coming off in the shower... anyone know of anything to SAFELY remove super glue from skin ?

2002.03.29, 07:29 AM
He Mini-Z:

I wandered of to the darkside a bit and found something weird.

When browsing the mini-zracer.com site with IE (shame :() I noticed a flash intro on the site... I have never seen this in Opera. and not in Netscape or Mozilla to for that matter.

Oh, and not in Lynx ;)

2002.03.31, 09:34 AM
Hrm, thanks, I'll take a look.