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2005.05.24, 05:34 PM
I gues this is a matter of oppinion but what is the fastest brushed mini motor for a 1/18. It needs to work with a Spy ESC. Thanks for any oppinions and help. Later

2005.05.25, 03:14 AM
There are a few options.

IMO nothing beats the Graupner Speed300 (Same as the BB300) motor.
This is the exact same motor as the Team Orion Big Block 300 motor, it just costs a lot less
You will have to sand the splines off the end of the motor shaft, but that's a simple task.

To make it kick butt, do the following:

Do a water dip run-in procedure, blast the water out with motor cleaner spray (Isorpopyl Alcohol), lube the bushes and place some comm drops on the commutator.
You will be amazed at the performance these cheap and cheerful motors can give after doing this little "tweak"!
I use these in my MicroRS4, Associated RC18T offroad, my Thunder Tiger ZK-2 1:18th truck (http://www.mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16862) and my son's Micro RS4. These motors never fail to amaze me.
I use a Novak SPY on my MicroRS4 and my son's MicroRS4

Other good motors are:

URC K3 Tuned motor (http://www.unitedrc.com/store/product.asp?BrandId=10&ID=28) based on a tweaked Speed300

Team Orion Elite Modified Coreless motor, not as fast as a BB300, but puts out ample power, plenty of torque and great run times..

2005.05.25, 10:27 AM
I have tryed those and they are good but I was wondering if any of those new rebuildible motors are any good. Like Trinity's, Fantom's, Peak's, and Orion's. Thanks though.

2005.05.25, 07:17 PM
I used a one18th.com Beast Pirhanna in my Mini-T and was keeping up with the stock 1/10 trucks on the track. Great motor!