View Full Version : Short action movie

Dutch Mini Racer
2005.05.27, 12:36 PM
Hi all,

I've been away for a wile, but i'm back and i made a new short action vid. (20 sec.) For the vid. i've been digging out some of the video material that was drifting around on my harddisk.

It isn't a very good vid. (i'm working on a longer version) but i hope that you'll like it.


Dutch Mini Racer
2005.05.28, 03:17 AM
What do you all think of it?

2005.05.28, 08:47 AM
looks pretty good, just wish it was longer

2005.05.28, 02:26 PM
very nice longer would be cool good job though

2005.05.28, 07:22 PM
woah, great driving... looks like the compaq driver did a little drift at the first u-turn :)