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2005.05.30, 04:59 PM
how can you edit the date a pole ends?

2005.05.30, 08:16 PM
cant you people help a kid out i just wanted to knoe how to change the date of a pole after you posted it

2005.05.30, 08:24 PM
jesus, can't you give people with real lives a chance :confused: today is a holiday, we do have families. i don't sit infront of a computer all day just waiting for someone with a problem.

i've done very few poles so let me check....

what would you like the date to be?

2005.05.31, 01:59 PM
i want the date to be June 7 2005 but the thing is stuped itsays it ends in 2010

2005.05.31, 02:21 PM
the menu i see is obviously different from yours but if you go to edit the thread or intial post you should get a space to input the number of days the poll is to be open. if you can not change that after setting it intially, let me know as there is a setting change to be made somewhere.

2005.05.31, 06:30 PM
thanks arch2b for changing the date for me