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2005.06.05, 10:31 AM
can anyone direct me to a homepage or anything that teaches me how to handwind a motor~~ ? :rolleyes:


Ibrake Ifry
2005.06.05, 01:42 PM
I found this thread very helpful
Its on an xmod forum but they naturally have the same motors as mini-z
my personal favorite is 30 winds of 30 ga inside a bb can with neos and carbon brushes...very fast with lithiums and plenty of torque.of course you need fet upgrade

2005.06.08, 02:08 PM
thanks for the link ~~
so have u tried handwinding a motor?

Ibrake Ifry
2005.06.09, 07:27 PM
yeah...took a little bit of practice to wind tightly! If you look at pictures of handwound motors like www.minizworkshop.com you'll see that they wind there motors like a pyramid: neat tight winds with less winds per row as they get higher. Just so you know i haven't been able to wind like that yet! although i have been able to wind motors that are much faster and torquey than storebought motors...like is said one of my favorite is 30 winds of 30 gauge wire...i used the magnetic wire you buy at radioshack which comes with 3 spools: one of 30 ga, 26ga, 22ga

2005.06.10, 05:25 AM
go to the mini-z track in h.k. i had mine hand wound by motor master leung gor... well i think that's his name... wind while you wait... he seemed very friendly... :D

2005.06.10, 05:17 PM
;) Yap, leung gor (Leung is his surname, gor means brother) is so friendly and his hand wounding is wonderful.

2005.06.12, 11:16 PM

are you in h.k.??? i didn't know gor means brother... hahaha... anyway leung personally hand winds them motors, and markets them as m'z motors in h.k.
i got me a couple while i was there.... kinda gives a new meaning to 'wind while you wait'... hahaha... :D