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Dusty Weasle
2005.06.06, 01:51 AM
Just a heads-up fellow desert rats.

Not wanting to drive to the farthest corners of the valley, Iíve been looking around for a good place to run my rather low ride-height road cars. I noticed a location awhile back and finally tested it today, and it works! Hooray!

Itís a largely unused parking lot near I-17 and Bell Rd, behind Hooters near Kyoto Bowl. There used to be a grocery store there but itís closed. The parking lot is wide open with no medians and very widely spaced light posts. Nothing to obstruct tracks from 1:28 to 1:10 size.

The asphalt is smooth and crack-free. There is just a hint of gravel, which I was able to remove by hand while setting up the corner dots. Thereís still the 1mm-or-less grit, but a wide broom could have the surface perfect in 5min.

I tested my MR-02 McLaren and it ran with no problem (stock tires, about 90deg F). Well, except for the one rock I missed at the far end. Caught a bit of frightening air on that one :eek: . Mostly I ran my Formula 1 car (Carisma 1:14) without a hitch, sliding around some tight hairpins. What a blast.

Iíve had HPI 10Ē Corner Dots on order since about the invention of radio. Looks like Iíll never see those, so I purchased 10Ē plastic plates from a camping supply store. Works perfect for the 1:14 F1ís but act as a ramp for Zís. I also use the 5Ē Losi Dots which are perfect for Zís and still disturb the F1ís enough to use as lane boundaries. These are a great and inexpensive way to plunk down a track wherever you happen to be.

2005.06.06, 02:41 AM
That's cool :cool: . We'll have to set something up to meet there and run some laps and 'pop' some dots :D . I'm pretty much available friday through sunday.

2005.06.09, 02:03 AM
A GTG stands for Get To Gether. ;)

Crazydave is another local guy with an Iwaver 04.

I don't think i have anything planned for saturday, but i should double check with the wife. This sunday i'm going to the ' Big boys and their toys' show, but i don't see why i wouldn't be able to race either befor or after. I could probably get my wife to come out too. If we could make this a regular deal and get the word out here locally this could turn out to be real fun. :D

2005.06.16, 06:18 PM
Well our first Phoenix gtg was kewl :cool: . There were only 2 of us, but it was fun :D . I was running late and forgot my camera so sorry no pics :o . I would like to do another one soon, but hopefully some more paople will show. Also the next one will probably be at the club house here in my townhome community as it is getting fairly warm out now to be standing in the middle of a tarmac parking lot. Or it will have to be first thing in the morning or after sunset. I think i'll put a flyer together and leave a bunch at the different LHS' to get the word out better.

Dusty Weasle
2005.06.17, 11:54 PM
That was fun. Pretty hot out but once the sun got low and behind some clouds it was down right nice out.

The parking lot had a bit more grit this time, but a few sweeps of the wide broom and the track was clean enough (and ready made sand traps at the corners). The Losi Dots and 10Ē plastic plates make it fast and easy to change the track around.

My McLaren was no match for Saiyanís Subaru unfortunately. Itís fast but way too loose in the corners (I have springs and tires on order). His car is quite stable. We also ran the Carisma F1ís until they fell apart from old war wounds. All glued back together again now, ready to race another day.

Weíre going to try and beat the heat with 7am on Saturday (18th) if any locals care to join us. Bring any scale youíve got. Itís a big parking lot, so bring Ďem all!

I didnít think to bring a camera either, but what the heck, hereís a picture of the 1:14 Carismas I mentioned. Iíd show the Mini-Z but itís currently just the stock silver youíve all seen. When I finally paint it Iíll post those pictures. Sure wish I could find a white body though.

2005.06.18, 12:50 PM
Well there were some casuallties for the 2nd Phx GTG, but it was fun anyway. There were 3 of racin the z cars this time and it was that much more fun. We started around 8am and i was already starting to sweat. I remembered my camera this time so i've included some pics.

2005.06.18, 12:52 PM
Here are some mor pics plus bigger pics will be available in my gallery

2005.06.18, 12:53 PM
Okay here are the last 2. I probably should have just put a link in the first post to the folder.....oooops.

2005.06.18, 10:24 PM
Well i found the cause of my problems from that little crash, It's the steering pot. If i have it adjusted just alittle to one side it works everything fine, unfortunately i can't put it back together this way. But upon further tinkering it seems that if i apply a little pressure to it, it seems to affect it so maybe something to shim it like a piece of paper or something will work temporarily until i can find a replacement. I also need to invest in some rechargeable AAA's. I was going through my batteries like crazy.

2005.06.19, 07:34 PM
Well alright, i fixec my steering! :D I reasembled everything back the way i took it apart, but added a shim between the pot and the plastic that holds it and the servo saver in place. Then wedged it back into the chassis and tried it out befor i put it all back together and it worked perfectly. I had to resolder some of the wires as they would just pop off their joints, but otherwise it went smoothly. Now it's ready for the next PHX GTG! Just gotta get me some good rechargeables. There's an auction on the bay for 12 900mah GP AAA that seems like a good deal.

I will be calling my association tomarrow about the clubhouse. Hopefully it's reasonable to rent and spacious enough to set up a track in.

2005.06.24, 12:49 AM
Please add me to your notify list as my mini-z could use some company( I am in N. Glendale 51st ave. near 101). I just bought the Rayovac 15 minute charger and AAA's for it at Frys Electronics on Bell-they are 800 mah and you can charge a full set of 4 in 15 minutes (think they last 45 hard minutes or so)...nice-even comes with a car adaptor. So keep 8 on hand and you will never run out of juice.


Dusty Weasle
2005.06.24, 04:08 AM
Welcome aboard DigitalMafia, glad to have a more full field. Iím not sure when weíre going to race again, soon hopefully. Itís just too hot out now, though a night race is still feasible. If we can get that indoor location weíll be set.

Saiyan, glad to hear the steering was a relatively easy, and more importantly free, fix. (I was in the middle of a three-wide standing start and bungled it).

I finally got around to doing repairs also. I donít know what that grinding noise was in the Williams-BMW. The pinion had moved out but was still tight. I took the whole Diff assembly apart and everything was perfect. Put it back together, pulled the trigger, and GRIIIINDD. So to find the source I held the throttle on and poof, it went away. Maybe it was just a tiny rock that found its way into the motor can. Pretty horrifying idea but it still runs, no apparent damage.

I was testing the F1 McLaren in the driveway and just tapped the garage door with the nose. Glass front wing on that thing. Itís got a fair amount of CA glue built up around the joint. But again, a free repair.

Iím experimenting with wheel balance. I put the 1:14 F1 wheels on a prop balancer for R/C planes and put blobs of Tacky Glue on the back side of the rims until they were evenly weighted. Between blasts from the thunderstorm I went outside, extended the shiny lightning rod of an antenna over my head, and ran the car around the street. It handled much better, far more stable in the turns.

Has anyone tried this with Mini-Z wheels? Itíll add a tiny bit of weight but it should help the handling. Or maybe theyíre already pretty close, these 1:14 Carisma wheels had a fair amount of wobble to them. I have new Z tires on order so Iím waiting to balance those.

2005.06.24, 11:36 AM
Yea :D it's shaping up to be some good racing with a growing field of cars :cool: . I'll be calling my association today about the clubhouse, i've been unusually busy this week. I would be interested in a night race, we can just set up near some lights. I also have a lamp i can bring for additional lighting. Plus you'll actually be able to see the flashing lights on my police r34. :D I also have a 10'x10' pop-up for shade, but obviously it's not big enough for the track, but we can use it when we're workin on our cars and pit racin. ;)

DW, glad to hear your gear noise was only temporary. I can bring some motor spay and we can hit that motor if you want. I think it's weird how large immovable objects can just suddenly jump out at ya. ;) The garage obviously isn't intimadated by the small Z cars like it is of the 1:1s. :D

2005.07.02, 02:07 AM
Well from the e-mails it seems that most of us would be available / up for a GTG this Saturday or Monday. I'm kewl with that, but i was thinking of going out to the Gilbert HobbyTown races Saturday night to say hi and leave some flyers and then cruise by SRS in Scottsdale to leave some flyers, but it's not set in stone as i could save on gas and do some Z racin.

Hey DigitalMafia, do you have any shady parking lots to race near you?

2005.07.02, 04:35 PM
Okay, Dustyweasel and I will be at the parking lot behind the Hooters at Bell and I17 tonight at 7pm. Bring what ya got and don't forget it will still be quite warm out so bring something to drink. A broom will help to get the lot swept faster by having more of us do it.

2005.07.05, 05:48 PM
Well I was there for about 30min befor i got my first oncall of the night. It was cool having digitalmafia there to be a 3rd man on the line. I hadn't yet got the IW02 out to run befor i had to leave early, but my MR01 handled really good except for some scuffing noise in the corners. I think i need to ease out the toe a little. DM picked up a pebble in his diff to pinion gear mesh, but i heard he got it going again shortly after i left. Dustyweasel's McClaren was definately hooking up better after going to some stickier rear tires from GPM. As always DW did a great job of setting up the track, and of course i forgot my camera again so no pics from me. Digitalmafia did get a pic or 2 though. The next Phx GTG should have a fourth as dustdevil should be able to join us. Then we'll have a starting line with 4 cars on it. Slowly but surely the infield is growing. :cool:

Dusty Weasle
2005.07.10, 06:49 AM
I started on my DIY track odyssey today by picking up six packs of foam mats from Walmart. The MPEX Fitness mats were 6 to a pack (w/ edges) for $17.76 each. So for $106.56 I got 36 2x2 tiles (144sq ft @ $0.74/sq ft).

What you see in the pictures is the right-out-of-the-box assembly for testing, so itís not pretty. They have a textured side and smooth side. To keep things challenging I plan to use the smooth side. While this is a good bit cheaper than RCP, Iíd say the quality is just so-so. As you can see in the pictures the seams arenít always smooth and the surface had a few minor inconsistencies, but it never affected the car so itíll work just fine. The textured side makes an interesting insect-like sound. Whrhrhrhr-whrhrhrhr. Probably freaked the dog out.

Seen here is the 2ft wide lane test, as thatís all I could fit into my house (itís bloody hot out, even at night). I stuck the edge pieces on just for some quick walls. I have something more elaborate planned similar to this one: http://slcminirc.homestead.com/files/track/track.htm (thereís a thread here about it construction but I canít find it now).

Iíve determine 2ft wide is just too narrow for one car much less a pack fighting for position. 4ft wide seems a bit too wide, though itíll work. My plan is to make Ďgrassí boarders and curbing inset 6in from the sides for that just-right 3ft lane.

2005.07.10, 02:57 PM
Awsome! I saw those at the Walmart by my house and thought about them, but they only had 2 packages. I know how difficult it is to find them at different places and have them be able to interlock with each other. I was hoping to find a whole bunch at 1 place and buy them all ;) .I was gonna go check out Pep Boys later this week, but maybe i can see if i can afford to pick up the ones they had at walmart so that we can add them all together for a larger setup at the next GTG.

Maybe the edges could be glued together with hot glue, i would think it would bond fairly well.

At 2' wide that would be tight for multiple cars, but great for practicing solo. And at only 16 tiles that looks pretty cool. You could have an awsome layout with 36 and even with them doubled it could be easy enough to do a single wide chicane somewhare in the design.

We definately need to get access to my clubhouse for all the open floor space and airconditioning. There are also chairs and tables there as well as outlets for charging and whatnot. Any airconditioned space with access to atleast a 20'x 30' open area would do nicely.

Dusty Weasle
2005.07.11, 12:55 AM
I did a larger scale 4ft lane test today. Iím four tiles short of the RCP ďWide LĒ design but this is similar. I plunked down some Losi Dots for wall reference points. Again only a test layout, no markings, walls, or pretty things. Just getting a feel for what works best.

The Losi Dots stayed firmly in place on the mats, so if you simply had a large contiguous mat area you could mark out a track using these. On asphalt and concrete they can slide a little when run over.

The full 4ft width was obviously much easier to drive but still challenging enough, especially if there were other cars. I might change my 3ft lane/6in boarders to 3.5ft lane/ 3in boarders. Maybe.

While the tile quality is only about a 5 out of 10, it still held together just fine even with the elevation changes from the grass up onto the uneven flagstone patio. The car still never got upset. Though I did manage to overdrive it occasionally (have video but can't upload). That big brick wall at one end really motivates you to make that turn. I nailed it good once and the little Z just kept right on running. Great quality, thanks Kyosho.

BTW, Iíve never raced on RCP but have seen it in person. The quality appeared to be a 10 out of 10. Price is always a factor, but the main reason I went DIY was the lack of 45deg corners. Well, that and the pride of oneís own workmanship.

What I want to do is apply a 6in slippery grass runoff along either side of the road. It needs to discourage driving across it while still allowing the driver a chance to recover. Any ideas? Green Latex paint, Astroturf, sprinkle on model railroad grass?

2005.07.12, 03:33 PM
Calling all Phoenix Z'ers. Who would be up for a GTG this week-end the 15th, 16th or 17th? Evening or morning? I'm also sending out an e-mail to those i already know, but more are welcome to race your 1:18 or smaller R/C. Well anybody can bring what they want, there just may not be a race for you. ;)

2005.07.12, 06:15 PM
I've run my Z on a similair surface and to better mark the track we used a colored masking/duct tape. but man it sure beats those pretty bodies.

2005.07.13, 01:42 AM
Wow-Great job on the track :) You are on the way to creating something very cool and fun! After watching you layout the track using your dots you will no doubt come up with some great layouts. Cant wait to test out some of your designs!
I am on board for this weekend-anytime.

Dusty Weasle
2005.07.14, 02:25 AM
Thanks, I have fun making the tracks.

So far there's been surprisingly little damage from rollovers on the asphalt. The surface is smoother than it looks, but it's no foam.

Well, one last single car test. I setup for 2ft wide lanes again, this time with a 2ft radius for the Ďstandardí corner and a 0ft radius hairpin to test an extreme tight corner. Thereís also a subtle chicane in there.

With only one car this is drivable, challenging, and fun. Exiting onto the straight requires slow finesse on the throttle to keep it straight, smooth rotation through the turn, and brakes and precision through the slow hairpin.

For all these fun reasons I doubt even two cars could cleanly run it. Theyíd be bouncing off the walls and eachother constantly. On the other hand maybe itíll force smooth and patient driving (ďDonít be a turn 1 heroĒ) resulting in longer part life . Iím not sure the Z can be quite that precise though.

Before I give up on the 2ft idea I want to test it at our next GTG, maybe itíll work out ok. I hope so because the smaller size makes a greater variety of corner types available. 4ft lanes would take twice as much space, require twice as many tiles, at twice the cost.

Anyone out there raced the RCP Mini-96 with multiple cars? What was your experience?

2005.07.14, 12:48 PM
I have run on the track the you show from slcminirc, beleive it or not we have acutally run 6 cars at the same time on there. yes, it's very crowded.

We now race on Rcp Track we have 3 wide "L" track. it's a big improvement.

one suggestion. when you make you side rails, use something soft. that way you don't kill your bodys in the process of racing.

Check out our track pics on www.saltlakemini-z.com


2005.07.14, 03:11 PM
If everyone agrees to just race and have fun then there really shouldn't be to much bashin going on and this could lead to all the drivers getting better. It all comes down to how familiar you are with your cars handling and having the confidence to be in the mix. Some rubbin is gonna happen, it's a fact. When i baught a new helmet for MX racin i got to the track and proceeded to drop it on the ground and let it get dirty and scratched before i even hit the track with it. I didn't want to be out there thinkin about the money i spent on my new helm and not about what i was about on the track.

I say we try it, if we don't like it, then we expand the track. Plus as you've shown with the last pic it would be easy enough to have the fast sections be 2 mats wide and the more technical stuff be 1 mat wide. Or the reverse, It could also be mixed up to provide passing lanes. Initially we could also just break into pairs until everyone is familiar with the single mat set-up.

I've included some pics in this post that i found elsewhere here in the forums to show what could be done. Track 6 is from lakeshore, but is a 1 mat layout.

Dusty Weasle
2005.07.15, 01:48 AM
Thanks Brian. I was checking out the videos for SLC, quite a setup. Too bad Utah is a long drive away. Do you guys still use the custom narrow track? How was the racing on it? I only found video of that track with a couple OLís doing jumps, no real side-by-side racing.

I plan to do a smooth wall similar to that one too. For now Iíve just been using the side pieces that came with the mats.

Saiyan, Ďracertrack (24)í is another possibility Iím considering (padded pole walls/dots). That would give us total freedom of lane placement. The only catch with that is the ground has to be perfectly flat. Any elevation change would leave a gap for the cars to get stuck in.

Iím thinking if we do much foam testing this weekend, maybe we should GTG at my house instead of the parking lot. We could setup across my driveway and into the yard (no Ďeventí lighting in my backyard yet). No street sweeping, cool grass, and inside electrical outlets, air conditioning, fridge, and bathrooms.

There's also a street light smack dab infront of my house so thereís sufficient lighting. I'm at 35th Ave and Deer Valley. Saturday 7:00pm sound good? Let the sun get good and low so the plastic doesn't melt.

The catch there is if we abandon the foam weíd have to run in the street with the 1:1ís. Traffic is light but we could only chalk out a track. The asphalt here is very smooth though.

2005.07.15, 02:41 AM
'No street sweeping, cool grass, and inside electrical outlets, air conditioning, fridge, and bathrooms.

SOLD-Thanks for offering up your place - really cool. Cant wait.

saiyan-nice group of track pics-any of them would be fun!.


Dusty Weasle
2005.07.16, 05:05 AM
Hereís the planned setup for the first multi-car 2ft lane test. Itís gonna be tricky since there are no actual walls yet, only marked out boundaries.

Any other Phoenicians out there? We canít be the only few in the valley who bought Zís (or IW, or XM).

2005.07.16, 01:33 PM
Kewl. Can't wait to try it out. I'll be there.

2005.07.17, 10:51 AM
Well, last nights gtg was interesting to say the least. The track was descent, but the weather didn't play nice :D . There will be a link posted soon to some video of the race that went awry ;). There are some pics of the track posted at mini-az.com if you want to check them out.

2005.07.27, 11:44 PM
Any Phoenix Zers up for racin this week-end?

2005.07.28, 11:12 PM
Totally up for racing.

Dusty Weasle
2005.07.29, 04:35 AM
Sure. Saturday evening? If we canít get the club house yet we could use my driveway again. There are no thunderstorms forecast for Saturday.

Since the heat is slightly reduced maybe we could shoot for 6pm. Give us some more daylight to work with.

2005.07.29, 07:35 PM
I might have dinner plans for saturday early evening-but i will let yall know...would hate to miss out-HATE to miss out;)

2005.07.30, 03:51 AM
The only problem i have with Saturday is that i'm on call starting at 6 pm. So it could be a short night for me, but i could take the chance. Sunday is all open as far as i know for myself.

I've been pretty busy dealing with plumbers and satalite installers the last couple of days that i spaced talking to the HOA about renting the clubhouse this week-end. I can definately set something up for the next GTG though.

The Walmart over by me has those foam mats in stock, about 10 packs (60 pcs) or about $200.

Dusty Weasle
2005.07.30, 04:26 AM
No problem. Weíll meet Sunday at 6:00pm instead then. Saturday was going to be pretty busy for me too. Iíll have more prep time now.

The thunderstorm forecasts keep changing, but weíve hardly gotten anything out here since the track got blown over.

I did some shopping around and have an idea of how to build the walls:
-Core holes in the mats for 2ft/4ft arcs and straights, such that the holes can be plugged again for a smooth surface.
-Dowel post with Velcro sides are put into the appropriate arc holes.
-The wall strip, also with Velcro on one side is then stuck to the posts, overlapping with the next wall over.

Ace Hardware has smooth flexible plastic strips for garden edging that I believe will work well for this. The walls will have considerable give in a collision. They'll be easier to conform to elevation changes than a rigid wall, and they'll store flat.

2005.07.30, 02:01 PM
I am in for sunday too!

2005.07.30, 02:21 PM
just a thought, if your planning on spending $200 for the foam mats, I would just go with the Wide "L" rcp track. it's only 199.00 from the MZR shop. and you can always add to it later. It was one of the best investments I made in our Mini-z racing.

I started with the foam mats also. I wish I would have just bought the RCP to start. I could have even had a bigger track. LOL :D

it sounds like you guys have the starts of a great club. We currenly have about 10 racers that will be comming to each of our races, and we will hopefully be getting a few more.

good luck


2005.07.30, 03:16 PM
Ya, Sunday at 6pm is good for me as well. :D :cool:

And i do have a wide L, but i have yet to be able to try it out. I got it at my LHS for $175 un-used as they were gonna do some 'racing' with it at the 'sports bar' next door, but that fell through. I can't wait to try out the surface, however, it will be very boring to do an L shape layout. If i can't talk my wife into letting me get atleast 1 more then i will probably sell it and get a mini-96. I'm a road-course guy, i like lots of turns and technicle stuff in my tracks. It takes 3 wide Ls to get the same possible layouts as the mini-96. It might be narrower, but at a 3rd the price i can still have fun. Or if i wanted to spend $600 i could just get 2 mini-96s and 2 expansion packs for a hella lot of track possibilities. But if i can get 1 or 2 more wide Ls then that would be cool, except where to set it up.

2005.07.30, 05:08 PM
And i do have a wide L, but i have yet to be able to try it out. I can't wait to try out the surface, however, it will be very boring to do an L shape layout. If i can't talk my wife into letting me get atleast 1 more then i will probably sell it and get a mini-96. I'm a road-course guy, i like lots of turns and technicle stuff in my tracks. It takes 3 wide Ls to get the same possible layouts as the mini-96. It might be narrower, but at a 3rd the price i can still have fun. Or if i wanted to spend $600 i could just get 2 mini-96s and 2 expansion packs for a hella lot of track possibilities. But if i can get 1 or 2 more wide Ls then that would be cool, except where to set it up.

I guess it all depends on what your plan is, Do you plan to race more that just 2 or 3 cars at a time? if so I would go with the wide L, we have races with as many as 7 at a time and even with the 34in. wide lanes it can still be tricky to pass. if you plan on staying with just 2 or 3 racer and are limited by space, maybe the mini 96 is the way to go. Either way I'm sure you will love to RCP Track. If you do decide to sell it, I'm sure you won't have a problem. I might even be interested.

there are some pics of some of our track setups along with some videos at my website www.saltlakemini-z.com.

here are some of the possible layouts with both 2 and 3 wide L tracks


2005.07.30, 06:05 PM
Hi briankstan,

Thanks for the good info. Nice to hear it from another club thats grown to a healthy size! We are 3 (solid) maybe 4 if were lucky, although I can see us getting 10 eventually as Phoenix is a huge city and I cannot imagine that we cant dig up a few more RC fans that would love mini-z's. With all the xmoder's out there converting is only a matter of availability and time :) Sure would be nice if mini-z's or even iwaviers were distributed through a huge company (like radio shack does)-would play to the impulse buy even at the higher price.

I think as a club we are on the cusp of getting tracks worked out and Dusty is talented enough to produce something special and homegrown as well. I have been thinking a 96 as tight n technical appeals to me too, but we should probably pool our resources so we have our own at home tracks that can be combined to produce something to support at least 3 - 5 (we could run 2 heats and support 6-10 drivers).

Man your track pictures on your site look great-totally fun! We have a new club site that we will add to as we grow:

Thanks again for the input!

Dusty Weasle
2005.07.31, 03:38 AM
I didnít know you went ahead and got the Wide L. Bring it on over Sunday. Itís a simple layout but we should give it a try.

The more I work out the wall situation the more I think I should have just gotten a Mini-96. My main problem with RCP was the limit of one turn type, but it occurred to me I could use blank tiles to make a wide area and the Losi Dots to mark out wider arc turns, chicanes, etc. The gap to the wall would be runoff space like a real course. Weíd still have to line the walls with a non-stick something.

Thanks Brian, Iíve been referencing your site a good bit. Very nice setup you all have there. Space and versatility are factors for me, and the Mini-96 seems to fit those bills. From various videos Iíve seen the cars bounce off the walls weather itís a Wide or a Mini, so I figure we may as well go narrow anyhow. Itíll make us very precise drivers, in theory.

Dusty Weasle
2005.07.31, 05:39 AM
If we went RCP, weíd have to do something like this (attached). The green lines are just a guide, though if a good wall solution were found they could be attached to the RCP walls instead of using dots.

This example has two radii turns, an increasing-radius turn, and a chicane. Use blank areas and block them off with corner dots to form the corners. The 45deg straight could use plastic strip type walls attached at those pesky, protruding, car snagging corners. Then it would be a true straight and not a mine field.

2005.07.31, 11:05 AM
The 45deg straight could use plastic strip type walls attached at those pesky, protruding, car snagging corners. Then it would be a true straight and not a mine field.

I was a little worried the firest time we tried the 45 degree, we put it at the end of the straight and it was and issue for some of the drivers and not for others. you have some great ideas I may borrow.


2005.08.01, 12:38 AM
Well another good night of racing and of course i forgot my d!@# camera again. I need to just store it with my RC rather then with the video cam. Dustyweasel got some good stills and a vid though, so we should have a link for them soon. We had 4 racers, though because of frequency issues only 3 could race at any one time. I raced my r34 police car for the first time, unfortunately i busted a solder joint for the police lights so no 'hot persuit' chases.

The wide L RCP track was definately nice, but we're still undescided about wether to go that route or each of us getting a mini-96 and expansion pack so that we can each have a track at home to play on since we've only been getting together every other week.

2005.08.01, 12:56 AM
can't wait to see the pics and videos, let us know when you get them up.

2005.08.01, 05:53 PM
Okay, so has anyone thought further on wether to do wide L or mini-96?

2005.08.02, 12:44 AM
Hey Dustyweasel, i know what can be done with some of those grey mats. You should check out the thread "BANKINGS" and look for briankstan's postings on what he's done. Kinda lakeshore meets RCP, but i think it's a great idea and a way to add elevation changes and spicin up a layout.

2005.08.02, 01:11 AM
Yes- the gtg was really a good time. I arrived at 6 to a monster of a monsoon coming in. I got outta my car with a huge grin as I pointed to the blackness and insane mile-per hour winds that were knocking over trashcans n weak trees. Dusty and I hung out in his garage as the water came-hard and mostly sideways (yes this is a weather report :) As 7 approached he moved his cars outside and we decided to set up his homebrew track-when Saiyan pulls up...now we had four and it was on - rain or not 9 (garage build!). Saiyan broke out his new wide L (the first RCP I had ever seen in person)-and we got to putting it together (lots of work, but pretty fun and easy). My impression of the RCP....wow-very nice on all levels. The monsoon cooled things off a little (which is a bonus) and we got to racing. As Saiyan mentioned we had 4 cars, but 2 had crystal cross over and incidently my brand new mr-01 has a XMOD crystal in it (stock out of the box).... very interesting. The racing was fun and uninterrupted.
I think all of us are sold on RCP and now a big decision - do we each get mini96's (Saiyan selling his wide L) or do we go with L's and have huge tracks...tough call-wish i could run on a 96 for testing The width of the L was really nice and made racing 3 cars so easy-so i am a little worried that the 96 will be too narrow but as Saiyan mentioned the benifit of the 96 is that each of us would have a nice technical solo track for home/practice. Cant wait to race again!


Dusty Weasle
2005.08.02, 01:38 AM
Wind, rain, thunderÖ it could only be another GTG for the Phoenix club, Mini-AZ.

As if the mini-tornado of two weeks ago werenít enough, this time we had driving rain to go with it. So, we got clever and moved into the garage. Too bad Zís arenít water proof, true road racing with wet tires and all would be fantastic.

Donít let the brightness of the photos fool you, it was dark out. As such, in my cluttered and single-lamp garage, the only action photos are Ďaction-blurredí(tm). But itís a cool effect. You can distinctly see the three driving lines as the Focus, WRX, and R34 fight for position.

This was our first run on RCP and we are SOLD! The pieces are top quality, fit together smoothly, and assembled in about 15-20min (we forgot to time it).

My custom track was a nice idea and with lots of time and effort would have worked, but why do that when RCP fit the bill. I figure itíll be easier to attach custom wall elements to an existing track than to make a whole new one.

I rolled some video of a couple races:


Dusty Weasle
2005.08.02, 03:38 AM
Iím still researching the Wide L vs. Mini-96 idea. Hereís another example I threw together.

Just spit-balling ideas, this would be kind of a fast loop with some tricky points. Variable turns, couple different chicanes. Interesting bit is the 135deg turn. This would need two Mini-96ís and one expansion set (I think).

The second image (unmarked) would be if we went full wide with expansions in all lanes. Doesnít look as interesting, does it.

Iím inclined to go with the Mini-96. The Wide L was fun but I never had to use the brakes, and could hold DMís Focus full-on if I held the line well. I think the M96 will be more challenging, requiring braking and precise cornering, which is what all of us indicated is of greater interest.

If any sections are too tight, or we race with novices, we can use the expansion packs. I think the key here is that for nearly the same money and a few less inches, you get twice the corners and scalability.

Can anyone tell me the exact lane width of the Wide L and Mini-96? I mean the actual driving surface, from inside wall-to-inside wall. We measured the Wide L while it was set up. I forget the measurement now but it wasnít 33Ē. I think it was 28Ē, which would account for 2.5Ē wall thickness on either side.

2005.08.02, 03:46 AM
After having watched the vid with my lighted r34 police car in it, I will definately resolder the leads for the working police bar.

2005.08.02, 04:07 AM
Ya the extra tile in the layout (2nd pic) simplifies it too much. You could almost do a perfect circle. The dip at the top is basicly gone.

2005.08.02, 11:57 AM
If you guys are up for a little driving, we are having a GTG in Cedar City, Utah on satureday Sept 3rd. we will have 4 to 6 racers or more there. Your welcome to join in.

We will be running on a RCP Wide track, at least 3 wide L tracks and some extra tiles.


2005.08.02, 10:20 PM
Boy that would be fun-Team Valley of the Sun Meets the Cedar City Racers....
Checked out the distance tween our cities:
The biggest challenge for me personally would be Vegas-specifically driving through Vegas and not losing 4 days of my life as well as a substantial amount of my savings :)
I can see matching car bodies with team colors....yea.


2005.08.02, 10:43 PM
that's the long way, try this way


you won't even have to go through vegas and loose all your money and its 3hrs. shorter.


2005.08.03, 12:37 AM
What's that, about 5 to 6 hours? Not too bad. Are there hotels/motels around there? Any Casinos or bingo halls to keep my wife happy? If i could swing it this year, it would have to be like November or so.

I got the MR01 partially torn down to fix the servo gears that got busted. I'll be taking this opportrunity to replace the chassis with the clear blue one i bought for it. I just won some aluminum wheels off of e bay so i'll put those and the new lancer body on it. It'll be lookin sweet for the next GTG. :cool: :D

My buddy wants to get a Z now so he should be a regular at the gtg now. I new if i could get him to race a couple a times he get bit by the Z bug. ;) :D

I also will be getting the flashing light bar on my R34 hooked up again. I was thinkin of lookin for a model police car so i can snag the push bar out of it, or maybe doin somethin custom. I'm motivated to get it capable of doing some hotpursuites. :D I found a site that sells police models and stuff and he's got some 1:24 light bars and pre-maid light kits that are just awsome, so i might be doin another body up PO-PO style. :cool:

2005.08.04, 01:49 AM
Well the MR01 is race ready now with a fresh chassis, servo gears and the new Lancer body. It was the servo gear that moves the steering rod that busted 4 teeth on it. I also put a small megatech antenea on it to try out. I put some wight racer rims on it for now until i get the other ones in. Between the wife and daughter distracting me, it took me roughly an hour to completely change out the chassis and servo gears. It's lookin pretty sweet now for an MR01 :cool: . I'll post pics of it tomarrow.

2005.08.04, 05:00 PM
Here are some befor pics of the MR01.

2005.08.04, 05:02 PM
Here are some after the renovation and repair. It's now ready for some more 'punishment'. ;) :D

2005.08.04, 05:26 PM
Look what i just got in the mail........... :cool: :D

And no it won't be raced just yet. ;) :D

2005.08.06, 11:11 PM
Okay, after some thinking, i've descided to stick with my wide L and plan to purchase at least 1 more. Hopefully i can get 2 more, but we'll see. The reason is this, With the wide L we can race Dustyweasel's 1:14 F1 cars as well as 1:18 cars like the HPI micro wich will get us a wider range of micro racers to join our "club". So i will keep my wide L and will be expanding on it soon.

2005.08.06, 11:58 PM
You think the 1:14 Carisma F1 will fit on it? Would be cool.
Love your new body and the work you did on your other car.

Dusty Weasle
2005.08.07, 03:26 AM
(Busy week, Iím back)

Haha, I was thinking the exact same thing Saiyan! I was preparing to test the 1:14 F1ís out on my WalMart tiles today, but couldnít get it set up before the storm clouds rolled in.

When running on concrete/asphalt Iíve found they need a minimum of 3ft lanes, so an outside corner radius of 3ft as well. And that was for one car. 6ft lanes were better for two. To get up to full speed the straights needs to be 100ft, 50ft for a short straight.

So, ultimately RCP will probably be impractical for the Carisma F1ís, but barring weather Iíll give it a test tomorrow. At least we still have the massive parking lot and corner dots during the winter weeks.

I donít know how the 1:18th would handle on it since Iíve never driven one. I saw some pictures of just that in the gallery though. Looked like Mini-Zs on an M96.

Iím still inclined to go with M96. Twice the corners and we can widen as needed with expansion tiles.

I figured out a way we can test narrow lane racing using the Wide L. Use single wide tiles alternating the wall holes from one side to the other. The un-bolted walls are held in place by their neighbors. Not quite the same width as an M96, but close enough to see if itíll work. Letís try that next time we GTG.

I got the ideas from this image of an M96 done up the same way, making it smaller for 1:43rds. http://www2.mini-zracer.com/gallery/RCP-Tracks/MVC_448F

Thanks for the invite Brian. I expect to be in Ďcrunchí hours at work during that time and probably wonít even get to race locally though. My travel budget is tied up with my honeymoon anyway. My Wife is planning our trip to Scotland. Itís been on hold for nine years now. Finally have the money saved upÖ barely.

2005.08.07, 06:15 PM
Dustyweasel, you know your cars better then I, but i know the 1:18 will fit. I was thinking of doing either 1 wide L and an expansion pack or 2 wide Ls. With the expansion pack, i would be willing to sacrifice 2 tiles to come up with some sort of 'adaptor' piece to connect the mini-96 tiles to the wide L.

2005.08.08, 01:54 AM
There is a wide L and wide oval on e b a y right now, in an auction together.

Dusty Weasle
2005.08.09, 12:43 AM
The video from the narrow track test using the 1:14 Carisma F1 is up. The surface was quite uneven as my lawn is overdue for mowing. That made it a little harder to drive, especially with the tiny light weight Z as youíll see. (These are the 2ft Wal-Mart tiles).

1:14 Carisma- I took it slow to get used to the track:

1:14 Carisma- I gave it full throttle on the straights, but only for a second before braking into the turn. The car does not reach full speed. For those unfamiliar with the Carismas, they can hit around 20mph:

1:28 Mini-Z- Weeeeeeee! Uneven and off-camber slopes made this a handful.

Also attached are a couple stills from the test.

2005.08.09, 01:17 AM
Hey DW, the video links aren't workin for me. I'll try them tomarrow and see what happens. The pics look good and it almost looks like Florida in your back yard. :D

2005.08.09, 02:25 AM
Your having waaaayy to much fun over at your place :) Racing your carismas inthat parking lot was huge fun man.


2005.08.09, 02:28 AM
Ahh Saiyan,

I noticed someone is bidding on a FORD FOCUS body...hope you win man-would be fun to race em side by side.

2005.08.09, 03:11 AM
That some one is me at the moment. ;)

2005.08.10, 04:26 PM
Would anybody be up for racin this Saturday?

Dusty Weasle
2005.08.11, 03:08 AM
Canít wait to run on RCP again. Iím anxious to try the narrow 1-tile test to simulate a Mini-96. Iíve resolved to get track by mid September so I can use it over my (not-yet-approved-schedule-dependant) vacation.

If we canít get the club house/want to save money, weíre welcome to use my house again (very convenient for me :D ). We can use the driveway or, now that my lawnís been mowed, the slightly cooler back yard. Though weíd need a couple flood lights after dark. Thereís always the garage if it rains (hahaÖďifĒ).

If we meet outdoors we could try 5:00pm. Itís cooling better in the evenings now, and if we go in my back yard thereís some shade by then. Hopefully not many mosquitoes. 5:00 would give us that much more time anyway.

It kills me that at work we have plenty of large usable areas, but I canít let anyone in. Our Motion-Capture studio is practically one giant foam mat.

Dusty Weasle
2005.08.11, 10:09 PM
I just went out into my back yard here at 7:00pm and it was down right nice out, if a tad humid.

I bid on that GíZox on eBay but lost by $1.00. Oh well, I plan on getting the Lamborghini next and run that while I paint the McLaren. When thatís done Iíll paint the Lambo like the real AMLS car.

I talked the finances over with the Wife and Iím looking into getting the Core lap counter in addition to some RCP. Man, and I thought my R/C planes were expensive.

2005.08.12, 03:44 AM
Don't you hate that when it's just by a smidge that some one else gets the auction.

How much does a Core system cost? If when you order it, we can all get our transponder cards at the same time. I would want to get at least 1 for every chassis so that i wouldn't have to worry about keeping track of them.

We can always light a citronella candle to keep any 'skeeters' at bay.

Have you descided yet on wich track your gonna go with, mini-96 or Wide L?

Dusty Weasle
2005.08.12, 04:31 AM
Actually I havenít seen any mosquito trouble yet, just hoping it stays that way. There is the occasional bat, that probably helps.

The Core system Ďbuy nowí section isnít available yet, soon I hope. The early feedback Iíve read has been very positive. Brian is testing one at SLMini-Z, so Iím anxious to hear how that goes.

The Core site shows a complete system plus 24 transponders at $795. A devastating sum, but well below their competitors and just within reach of the common man. (AMB is $5540freakiní00!)

I want to try the single-tile trick with your Wide L so we can simulate a Mini-96. After that weíll have a much better idea of which way to go. Double the turns for the same money is mighty appealing, but if itís too narrow then even 10 times the turns would be worthless.

Alternately, the single-tile trick may be the solution for solo, small field, or technical racing instead of a Mini-96.

2005.08.12, 08:25 AM
The Core system Ďbuy nowí section isnít available yet, soon I hope. The early feedback Iíve read has been very positive. Brian is testing one at SLMini-Z, so Iím anxious to hear how that goes.

We haven't tested this system out yet, I did order it so when we receive it in the next little bit, I'll let you guys know how it goes. I have talked to alot of people that have run on the core system and have heard lots a great reviews.

too bad you missed out on the pre-order. I only paid $600.00 for the timing system and 12 transponders. they had a pre-order discount, but then you would be waiting for delivery like the rest of us :eek:

they should be shipping any day.


2005.08.12, 01:38 PM
Well, With all of us having tracks and a lapcounter availbale for use, we should have some awsome racin events soon. If that doesn't help draw some more racers, then i don't know what will. ;)

2005.08.13, 12:38 AM
Are we racing this weekend? :)
The RCP was so sweet!
S-didja win that Focus?

2005.08.13, 01:41 AM
I'm up for racing this week-end and Dusty i believe is up for it since he offered up his place to race at again. And my buddy Derek wants to race again as well, so there'll be at least 4 of us. :cool: :D

Unfortunately i fell victum to the same problem that dustyweasel did in that i got outbid at the last by a buck. I put in for $25.66 and at the last 3 seconds it jumped from $18 to $26.06 and i lost it befor i could re-bid. :(

I do have some other goodies though that i won off of e b a y . :D

Dusty Weasle
2005.08.13, 03:35 AM
Rockiní. Got my batteries on the charger now. See yaí all at 5:00.

2005.08.13, 01:18 PM
Awright, i'll be there at 5pm. :cool:

Dusty Weasle
2005.08.14, 05:16 AM
Things are cooling off here in Phoenix. So with clear skies, a light breeze, and dusk temperatures falling to only the upper 90s, we moved our GTG to my back yard for some racing under the lights.

Wow that was fun! Just as in real night racing, everything looks more shiny, crisp, and the cars seem to Ďpopí out from the track. About 100,000 fans showed up lining the RCP rails. If ants could use air horns it would have drowned out the cars (It seems I still have an ant problem).

Besides the light swarm of insects it was great fun, and all cars left the track running this time. We were also able to resolve the radio conflicts and run four cars at once. YepÖ weíre going with Wide Lís instead of Mini-96.

We also had some 1:10 drift action in the street a little before sunset.

Attached are a few pictures from the event. Iíll post some videos Monday night.

2005.08.14, 05:13 PM
Ya the post race party with some of those fans was a real smash of a good time ;) :D . It was alot of fun racin against every one as usual. Every one kinda slowed it down in order to drive better and it made for some good racin. Dustyweasel and Digital mafia are both improving everytime we get together. DM i think is gonna be getting some softer tyres for his Focus MR01 and DW is excited about getting his McClaren painted and getting another car for his wife. Can't wait to see how the new paint looks.

I'm definately happy with the wide L and just don't see how we can race on anything narrower. A mini-96 i'm sure would be great for 1 person, maybe 2, but with 4 of us it was perfect on the wide L. If we can get more racers, we will need the wide L width so it doesn't turn into a smash em up derby.

Edit: The track was actually kinda fun being that it was uneven from the fresh cut lawn and the grey mats used to firm up the track. It made for some interesting handling characteristics. :D

2005.08.15, 06:39 PM
Hey dustwaesel, Core has posted a thread about their system being distributed through Kyosho and that they have a limited supply left to sell directly. You should check it out if your still planning to buy a system.

Dusty Weasle
2005.08.15, 11:52 PM
I saw that Core announcement this morning and promptly sent a request. I also sent an e-mail a few days ago. Hereís hoping.

Here are some videos from Saturdayís event:

Mini-Z racing on RCP:

1:10 drift action in the street:

2005.08.16, 01:32 AM
Having an auto score system will be awsome. Can't wait to try it out.

Dusty Weasle
2005.08.21, 04:24 AM
I scored two Wide Lís on eBay today, and Saiyan has ordered his second, so soon weíll have four Wide Lís to play with!

In anticipation of our clubís RCP windfall, Iíve made the tile pieces in 3ds Max for easy track design. RCPís Track Builder site is nice, but you canít save your work in-progress.

Hereís the first one. It uses nearly all the corners of four Lís, but a lot of leftover straights. It can be made longer depending on space available. Iím doing a couple tricks in there too, like the single tile pinch in the first chicane. Iím also using Losi Dots in conjunction with those Ďbumperí walls to define some of the corners a bit different.

Nice theory, weíll see how it works in practice soon.

Iíve included a Stereo visioN image, well, because I can. Cross your eyes to see it in 3-D. :p

2005.08.21, 11:49 AM
that is some very nice work. I too took the time to create the tile pieces, only I used AutoCAD. I didn't do it in 3D either, but I thought about it. I did up around a 100 different layouts and printed out a little book that I keep in a binder with each track numbered and printed out on its own page. its a great tool for setting up and picking tracks.

I usually let someone other than me pick the track layout that we use at our races. It's usually the first one that shows up.


2005.08.21, 12:00 PM
Hey dustyweasel, the links for the vids you have posted aren't working for me. Do i need something special to view or is there an issue with the server that's holding them?

I'm up for another GTG this next week-end if anybody else is.

Dusty Weasle
2005.08.23, 03:04 AM
They are .mov Quicktime. Did you try Right-Click and Save Target As? I doubt theyíd play directly from the site. We did have server trouble over the weekend though.

Iím still in crunch at work, but should be clear by this weekend. AND my two RCPís should be here by mid-week! Saturday 5:00pm my backyard is available, if we care to brave the ants again. Or the front driveway-yard for fewer insects.

2005.08.24, 04:07 AM
Well i have the latest version of QT and still can't get connected, it just says that it was un-able to connect. :( Oh well, maybe it's temporary. ;)

2005.08.25, 02:03 PM
Have you guys seen the thread about the official release of an AWD mini-z from Kyosho? I think x-mod sales will drop of slightly. :D

2005.08.25, 02:14 PM
Hey, do you guys need your own sub-forum? Let us know if so, and let me know what to call it - thanks! :)

2005.08.25, 06:33 PM
Not to sound ignorant, but what is a sub forum? Is that like how you group similar threads together, kinda like the 'members only' or 'mini-z science'? If so, that could be cool since not everything we talk about is about 'the next GTG'. If the other guys think it's cool, then i say why not. :cool: :D

I got my RCP track, but it might be missing a few pieces. So when i set it up, i'll have to do a count on everything. They said if it is missing parts they'll get them for me.

I'm bringing over a VW Bug in GT trim to the next GTG. I need to paint it up for somebody and want to bounce some designes off everybody.

I'm currently waiting for a call back from the property management co. to hear wether i can rent the clubhouse this Saturday. The good news is that they just recently did a 'serious cleaning' of it a few weeks ago.

Okay, upon playing around in here i see what you meen by a 'sub forum' and yes i definately think we should. At the very least it will make it easier to find for local noobies to find it.

2005.08.25, 07:25 PM
Cool, let me know what to call it and I'll hook it up.

RE RCP - did you buy it from us? If so, email shop@ and we'll get your tile situation sorted out! :)

2005.08.25, 07:42 PM
I'm bringing over a VW Bug in GT

Nice, I will drive my wifes black 05 beetle to inspire you (dont point n laugh when I drift it around Dusty's street corner :)

A sub-forum for the club would be great. In regards to a name: Our club is mini-az as well as our website (www.mini-az.com) but Phoenix Mini-z would be good too (as its pretty obvious). Anyone else have any thoughts (Dusty / Sai)??


2005.08.26, 01:41 AM
Well we could go with 'Phoenix Mini-AZ GTG' or any combination of those. Or 'Mini-AZ Phoenician GTG'. The GTG could be replaced with Club. But, I think I like 'Phoenix Mini-AZ Club' the best so far.

Dusty Weasle
2005.08.26, 05:13 AM
A sub-forum would be great Mini-Z! I was thinking recently the thread had evolved pretty far from the ďUsable LocationĒ of a disused parking lot, a sub-forum would be more on-topic.

Weíve adopted ďMini-AZĒ as our club name, so Iíd say lets call the sub-forum ďPhoenix Mini-AZĒ.

My two Wide-Lís arrived today! Hooray! I went the eBay route and lucked out. Both are new unopened sets, and are the new model with finish line painted on both sides and the convenient thumb tabs on the bolts. Hooray!

I sent money to Core for a CRS system and 12 transponders. They said they were shipping by Friday. Hooray! (So this Saturday anyway, weíll still be counting in our heads).

I read Brian has Core setup with the Salt Lake club- One of Coreís features will be to race via the Internet, with both teams running the same RCP layout. It would save us some gas money and travel time if we could race them remotely.

This got me to thinking- How many Core systems can link simultaneously via the Web? Could we have a massively multi-player on-line race with say CP-NY, SLC, Mini-AZ, MZR, etc? 20+ racers fitting on RCP and no crystal conflicts ;)

Probably a crazy idea fraught with technical difficulties, but something to think about. Wouldnít that be a cool event! Call it The iCup, IM Racing, Internet Le Mans Series, NETCAR?

Hereís another layout design. This should fit a smidge better between the trees in my backyard. It uses almost all the straight tiles with a few leftover corners.

2005.08.26, 01:17 PM
Done! :)

RE Online Core Tournaments - Awesome, Yes!!! :D

2005.08.26, 01:47 PM
Makes me wish I was in Phoenix, if only for mini-z's. :D

Online racing via Core? That's a brilliant idea! Could probably be done, but I think you'd need video confirmation to make sure that everyone's running the same track, same Kyosho stuff (as in no Pocketknives), and that no was cheating. It'd take a lot of effort, but it'd be SO worth it. :D

A 43 car field, like in Nascar..stats appear on each system...definitely a fun time. Maybe suggest it to Core?

2005.08.26, 02:41 PM
When you get your system in we should give it a try to test it out. I think it would be a fun deal.

we used the Core system at our race last night and it work flawlessly. let me know and we can do some testing on how it might work.

it would be great for racing multiple clubs :D


2005.08.26, 08:08 PM
The i-CUP would be one way to have a 'worlds' race :cool: . Sure someone would be racing at 2 AM while others might be 2 PM, but come on, how many insomnia induced races have ya done :p ? I do it all the time, breakout the Z and race around the dining room table at 2 in the morning ;) :D

2005.08.30, 10:26 AM
In anticipation of our clubís RCP windfall, Iíve made the tile pieces in 3ds Max for easy track design. RCPís Track Builder site is nice, but you canít save your work in-progress.

Hereís the first one. It uses nearly all the corners of four Lís, but a lot of leftover straights. It can be made longer depending on space available. Iím doing a couple tricks in there too, like the single tile pinch in the first chicane. Iím also using Losi Dots in conjunction with those Ďbumperí walls to define some of the corners a bit different.

Nice theory, weíll see how it works in practice soon.

Iíve included a Stereo visioN image, well, because I can. Cross your eyes to see it in 3-D. :p

I have been thinking about drawing the tiles up in AutoCad, does your 3Dmax files convert in to AutoCad format?

If so, would you mind sending me a drawing with the tiles in it? it would save me some time.



2005.08.30, 09:39 PM
while some are very protective of their autocad files, i have no problems sharing :) to each their own :p

i emailed you a file i have

2005.08.31, 12:06 AM
while some are very protective of their autocad files, i have no problems sharing :) to each their own :p

i emailed you a file i have

thanks for sending me that file, that looks great. I did layout all the tiles, before I received my track so they aren't ecactly right, but I have been using that to do my track layouts.

here are the the track layouts, if anyone wants the AutoCad file I'm happy to send it, though it's nothing fancy. I use a count macro to make sure I don't go over on any of the pieces.

2005.08.31, 12:38 AM
"In anticipation of our clubís RCP windfall, Iíve made the tile pieces in 3ds Max for easy track design. RCPís Track Builder site is nice, but you canít save your work in-progress."

LoL- Dusty Using 3d Max to do our club tracks :) Gee- I wonder who programs tracks for video games....so cool.


Dusty Weasle
2005.08.31, 03:15 AM
I can export formats readable by AutoCad. But as Archís files would be a direct fit, those will work better. If you need the files anyway I can send them up.

I made mine before I got the track too. I havenít gotten around to measuring yet, but I think I got it pretty close.

Those are some cool layouts in there. #19 and 21 look particularly fun. Are you guys racing on four Lís or only three? I thought you had four. The pictures on your site look like six Lís!

Yeah DM, the tools of the trade come in handy. It was a pretty similar method I used in building the stadium courses in Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild (PS2).

2005.08.31, 09:01 AM
no, I just have 3 wide "L" tracks for now, maybe I'll get a couple more later. Three is alot of track, I can only imagine how big your tracks are.

the files that Arch2b sent me will work fine. thanks for the offer though. keep updating as you guys come up with more track designs. I really like the track in your last pictures.