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2005.06.06, 07:05 PM
Well I've had my track for a couple of months and thought that it was time to post my review.

Well let's just say that I purchased 3 of the wide "L" tracks from the shop and although it was a little expensive was it worth it? In two words, Hell Yea.

We have been using the rcp track in our club racing both saltlakemini-z and slcminiR/C conbined events. Along with all the different configurations that we are able to make and the easy of set up they are worth every penny that I spent on them. in fact in the future I will be adding some more I think.

So as far as the track itself goes. We have been using the rough side and at first I was a little put off by the debris that was getting all over the cars and such, but after using the track regularly and using the vacume on it before each use, the debris is all but gone. So I would consider this to be a non-issue.

I really like the track surface and it gives very good grip. and the side barriers do a great job of keeping you on the track. They will slow you down greatly if you ride them and we all know that they are only there to keep you on the track if they are needed, the goal is to not hit them.

After using the tracks I have found that my driving is improved and it has helped me improve in manuvering around traffic and using the corners to position to pass.

So would I recomend getting RCP Track for your club or home use? ABSOLUTLY.

This is a great product. and I'm really glad that I purchased them.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Now if I can only get my Core (CRS) Timing System sometime soon, I will feel that I have a complete race setup, both track and timing system. Stay tuned I'll post my review of the timing system after I have recieved it and have time for some testing. Until then, HAPPY RACING.


2005.06.06, 10:55 PM
3 wide-l's....well that makes one nice set-up!
p.s. ( i went to Taylorsville High)

2005.06.07, 12:22 AM
3 wide-l's....well that makes one nice set-up!
p.s. ( i went to Taylorsville High)

Where do you live now? if your ever in the salt lake area we should arrange a race..


2005.06.07, 12:36 AM
T is in the big city of Cedar.

2005.06.07, 12:56 AM
e-mail me sometime, titanium@bresnan.net

2005.06.07, 06:55 PM
Small world, I graduated from T-Ville also, in just it's fourth year of existance.