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williams F1#3
2005.06.10, 04:53 PM
I have a problem with my atomic motor can. When i try to fit the endbell on to the can, it seems to be hitting the mags and it wont go all the way in. it is an atomic can with neos and a mzw blue endbell.

2005.06.10, 05:04 PM
Closed can endbells are longer than the open can end bell types. You will need to file down 2-3mm of the mzw endbell to get it to fit.

This is by design.

Why do you want to do this though?


Falken GT-R
2005.06.10, 05:21 PM
i think he tried it with the gray atomic endbell but it would not fit either. he told me the the bearing is stuck for the mzw endbell. are the bearings the interchangeable because he switched them and that also didn't help. its just that the endbell won't fit into the can, the magnets are stuck in position and cant be pushed back. i read the plasmatomic tutorial and it said to drill the endbell would that apply here to? We have a race tomorrow and any help is good help thanks.

williams F1#3
2005.06.10, 06:06 PM
Should i drill out the atomic endbell like in the plasmatomic?

2005.06.11, 03:24 AM
If you do not put the armature into the can, can you set the endbell into the atomic can?

williams F1#3
2005.06.11, 08:45 AM
yes, it came with the endbell already attached to the can and it fit fine.

williams F1#3
2005.06.12, 09:17 AM
me and falken figured it out(mostly me hehe). i'll have pics soon.