View Full Version : ATTN: for the ppl in TO area!!

2002.03.07, 03:23 PM
i'm going to the Mini-Z Hobby shop track this Saturday March 9th. I'll be there at around 5:00pm or later.... Hopeing to see you guys there...

My car is a silver "busted up" Honda S2000 with the headlight lenses popped out.... please reply posting to what car you have so i can look for you too....

2002.03.27, 10:46 PM
Gentlemen (or ladies, if need apply),

I have noticed that the number of Canuck mini-Zers here is growing.

I just want to know how many of you out there live in the GTA so that maybe we caould all meet at the track in Markham one night for some racing and other hilariuos hijinks.

Let me know, here or by e-mail, or on IM and we'll go from there.

E-mail- beanbag@softhome.net
IM- RallyNut
ICQ- 19350635

2002.04.12, 12:37 PM
Is anyone interested??