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2002.03.07, 05:31 PM
Watch out for these jerks...I will let one slip up slide, but two in a row says bad business to me...

I won two auctions, an intake kit + filter, and a short shifter. Two weeks roll around and just the intake, minus filter, shows up. I email them. Three days later, I get an email back, and they sent the rest of my parts. Another two weeks rolls around (they are shipping FROM the US to the US mind you....) when everything else comes in. Intake is great, couldn't be happier. Now this is what sucks...I live in Atlanta, Georgia and I sure as hell hope they know that this is in the US. They sent me a right hand drive shifter. It's not even a short shifter, the throw is exactly the same...but the angle is for a right hand drive car..... WTF?!?! Right hand drive, as in the driver is in the right side of the car, not the left....

it says " **carmodel** - JP " right on the package...JP as in japanese production I believe...

Anyway, I'm never doing business there again...just sending out a warning!!!!

2002.03.10, 04:02 PM
that sucks. are the aprts for your triumph?

2002.03.10, 05:02 PM
They were for his dads Corolla......

2002.03.10, 05:33 PM
corolla's only come in automatic....

2002.03.10, 05:38 PM
ummm, no they don't.....I just talked to him recently unless I misunderstood him but I don't think so

2002.03.10, 06:00 PM
oh cool.... cuz in all the corolla's i seen, and been in, they are all automoatic..... and they don't have the rpm meter thing.... i could be wrong.... oh well....

2002.03.10, 07:40 PM
Yeah, it was for my dad's corolla...they were $16 each (intake, short shifter). Corollas do come in manual, but in the base model only, not DX or LE or whatever. Or at least I think that's the way it is....our corolla is a base model.

2002.03.10, 08:08 PM
ahh.... gotcha :cool: