View Full Version : what do you guy think

2005.06.20, 08:29 PM
what do you guys think of my cars and track


2005.06.20, 08:40 PM
Looks good, dont stop now!

2005.06.20, 09:07 PM
hot monster :D

2005.06.20, 09:49 PM
thanks i plan on getting 3 more mr02s, 1 more f1,mr01.5,and a overland
i am giving my enzo to ruf next week to get fets and a atomic z2.also if you like the sliver f1 madf1man painted it for me.thanks for looking.

2005.06.20, 10:14 PM
looks all a ok!

2005.06.21, 07:55 AM
LOoks very cool im envious of the adband set that might just be my next z you like it alot?

2005.06.21, 03:09 PM
kool pics dude

2005.06.22, 05:02 AM
Yeah nice cars!
But what kind of RCPTracks are those? Are they less than two wide L`s? I am getting two wide L`s during the summer and I am still not sure how large the track will be.

Any chance of you putting a Mini-Z on that track and take a picture to really appreciate the size of the track. :)

2005.06.23, 01:44 AM
thanks every one

techno my cars are not ad brand i just got the yellow chassis parts becuase i wanted some thing different.i got the parts at ******.

plaguewulf i have two L's but with that set up i am not using all of the pieces.i can all most make a small oval in the other room but i need one more turn and corner.
i will try to take a pic of the cars on the track so you can see how big it is.

thanks every one

and if any one cares this is what i am getting for my bday (july 27)

epson nsx 2004
gpm diff
gpm 8 deg rear tires
atomic 20 deg front tires
kyosho friction damper
gpm alloy streering plate
gpm 1 deg knuckles
3racing h-plate
atomic king pins
yeah racing bearings
kyosho blue screws
3racing blue wheel nuts
kyosho blue antenna

also if you guys know of any good used f1 out there i would like to but it.thanks

2005.06.23, 10:25 AM
That's quite the B-day list. I want the same, but with a McClaren KK or Gulf body.