View Full Version : Monster number two- Recycler is on the loose.

2005.06.20, 11:19 PM

My second monster, dug from my spare parts box and other parts on the cheap. The name Recycler comes from the old ZZ Top album. I think it fits it well.

2005.06.21, 02:27 AM
It's great when you have enough spares to get another roller! I had a similar thing with my 3rd MicroRS4.
Plus, you can never have to many MZMs! So, seeing as it's named "Recycler" are you going to do a custom ZZ Top car bodyshell for it? :D

2005.06.21, 09:35 AM
nice i like the green one looks good.

2005.06.23, 01:37 AM
The green one my tricked out one, I am working out a few bugs in it.

If anything else I do to this one I may lighten up the body some more, I have already cut some weight with the OL battery clips and the opened up grill. This one I am leaving mostly stock, to keep a nice solid truck to run.

2005.07.17, 12:23 PM
My two dogs in a standoff, note the second one in the lower left corner.


I did resize this to try to fit, but it is still a bit big.