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2005.06.23, 06:12 AM
:) I would like to introduce myself before posting threads and replies. I have a Hobbystore in S.C. (Anderson) and have been a diecast man for about 7 years. I have broaded my business with RC and slotcars with a new shop in my Grandmothers old house on 81 Hwy. The name is The Planet Hobbys and would like to welcome all locals or "anyone" to my shop. I am really moving as fast as I can with a single man operation and let me tell you , its work. As of now I have the only Mini dirt off-road track around and a very large 700 ' off-road track also that can be viewed at my website. theplanethobbys.com
I also have started dealing with the 1/24 scale stuff and going to start setting up tracks around my area. RCP on and off roads, with a new added special track that will be called: THE PLANET BADLANDS that I will be posting pics of it in the near future. Enough jibber jabber, so hi to the world of minis. :D

2005.06.23, 06:29 AM
Hi and welcome I think you will find a bunch of great guys on here. they have a spot on here for clubs and events. so your racers can post and keep us informed of what’s going on in your area. I love to read about racing min-Zs all over the place

Who knows I could just show up on your doorstep some day to race we have several gtg’s this summer and others have gone from one group to another

2005.06.23, 07:31 AM
i race in the Chattanooga area, if you get some people coming to your races the guys and i may arange an all day hang out and head out your way some time, 81 runs right out of Chat, so it couldnt be too hard to get there :p we have been giving our Mini's a rest for the summer, our track is set up at a teen rec center, which closes early during the summer and makes it difficult for our members to come and race due to work schedules, so we have been getting into Nitro Monster trucks, in particular, Traxxas REVO, there are 4 Nitro Monster Trucks in our race club now, and all are REVO's, you said you have a large off road track? :D maybe we will drop by some time :D